5 Solar Eclipse Apps to Grab Before Aug 21

5 Solar Eclipse Apps to Grab Before Aug 21

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The last time a total Solar Eclipse Traveled from coast to coast across America in 1918, telephones existed in only a fraction of American homes and involved a switchboard operator to connect calls. In contrast, roughly 77 percent of Americans today carry a smartphone, crammed with features on a scale unimaginable a century ago.

To take full advantage of this dramatic leap in technology between Great American Eclipses, we’ve compiled a list of helpful apps to assist you on Aug. 21. While you certainly won’t need a smartphone to gaze up at the dramatic beauty of a total solar eclipse, these accompanying apps may make the experience that much informative and safer.

Created by an experienced eclipse chaser, the Solar Eclipse Timer is a must-have app for those within the narrow 70-mile wide path of totality. Once locked on to your location using the GPS, the app will vocally begin prompting you of the various stages of the eclipse. For those under totality, the most helpful notifications will be when to keep your solar glasses on and when it’s time to safely remove them and look at the sun fully eclipsed. Some of the most common eye injuries associated with eclipse gazing come when people either remove their glasses too soon or fail to put them on ahead of the crucial window.

In addition to the vocal assistance, the Apps also features a reference video chronicling the various stages of the moon’s path across the sun, as well as a wide array of facts associated with the phenomena.

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