Facebook Improve 360 Videos Quality

Facebook to Improve 360 Videos Quality by Predicting Where you will Look


Facebook Improve 360 Videos Quality: Good news for Facebook users, because 360-degree videos are fun to watch as they give you complete control over what you want to watch and when. You are part of an immersive media experience where you can turn your head in any direction to have a different take on the whole video which can be see on world top ranking social media site Facebook. But there is a major issue with live streaming such videos is that it is hard to stream in the best possible quality because one can’t tell where a viewer would be viewing at a particular moment.

Facebook has official announced that it will be using Video Prediction for delivering 360-degree live streams in best possible quality. It currently makes use of dynamic streaming technology for achieving better results. This technology uses geometry-mapping for streaming highest possible number of pixels to the viewer’s field of view.

But to make the output even better, Facebook has come up with three technologies which have been explained as: Our new gravitational view-prediction model uses physics and heatmaps to better predict where to next deliver the highest concentration of pixels. Our model improves resolution on VR devices by up to 39 percent.

We’ve also created an AI model that can intuit the most interesting parts of a video to support prediction for streaming to VR and non-VR devices in the absence of heatmap data. We’re testing a new encoding technique called content-dependent streaming that improves the resolution of 360 Video on non-VR devices by up to 51 percent, even in low bandwidth.

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