Have a Gaming Mouse Turn down your Dang DPI

Have a Gaming Mouse? Turn down your Dang DPI

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If you’re only getting into PC gaming or playing competitively, you may have some misconceptions about how to get the most from your Razer DeathAdder Elite, HyperX Pulsefire, or other gaming mouse. That input device, which is famous for its accuracy and speed, can lose a lot of those benefits (and a lot of rounds of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) if you don’t have it set up correctly. Chances are, you have your mouse’s sensitivity or DPI (dots per inch) set way too high. This creates situations where you have to make nearly microscopic movements with your hand to make precision shots. It’s time to fix that.

That mouse pad is large enough to hide a Buick. It is absurdly large … or, at least, it seems absurd if you have your mouse DPI set over 1,000. Pro gamers and people who play at a competitive level use overly large mouse pads because they control their aim with their arms. By doing that, pro players can make hyper precise headshots without having to worry about micron-level mouse movement.

Sure, that HyperX mouse pad is still a bit much, but a lot of pros use mouse pads that are at least half that size. It’s the only way to compete

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