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Latest Study Confirmed, Running Success Can be Contagious

BBC Breaking News (Health News): Good news for everyone, because your friends affect how many miles you cover or the pace you set each time you head out for a run? The answer seems to be yes, according to a new study published in Nature Communications. Researchers from MIT's Sloan School of Management found that runners connected through a social network influenced each other's training in surprising ways.

For latest study, the researchers examined five years worth of data from a global social network in which people share data from their fitness trackers with virtual friends. The study authors focused on the daily patterns of about 1.1 million runners, and analyzed roughly 2.1 million virtual ties. They also collected precipitation and temperature data, so they would know the weather conditions on every run.

Latest Study Confirmed, Running Success Can Contagious

and the finally the results were impressive. The researchers found that if one person ran an extra kilometer on any given day, his or her friends would run an additional 0.3 kilometers, on average, that same day—even if their local weather wasn't great. Similarly, if one runner was a little faster than usual on a particular day, his or friends would pick up their speed as well. More calories burned for one runner would mean more calories burned for his or her friends. Same for the amount of time spent running.
The effects were more noticeable among certain groups. For example, runners were more likely to be influenced by peers who were slightly better or slightly worse runners than friends who were significantly better or significantly worse runners.

And perhaps not surprisingly, the researchers noted a stronger influence among same sex friends than mixed sex friends. Men were affected by both their male and female friends, but more so by their male friends. And women weren't at all affected by the training routines of their male friends.