Mistreatment Models Fashion's Groundhog Day

Mistreatment of Models is Fashion’s Groundhog Day


Rather than thinking of models as skinny mean girls, we should recognise how badly they are treated within their own industryI have been reading a lot recently about how models are treated really badly. I thought this had been sorted out ages ago.

Boina and Fernandes have firmly denied these claims, although models Judith Schiltz and Mollie Gondi posted comments on Scully’s post verifying some of his accusations. Balenciaga has said that they are no longer working with Boina and Fernandes and apologised to modelling agencies, but Gondi wrote, “The apology to the agencies from the fashion house is laughable because the agents have known this for years and don’t think twice because they want their girl in the show.”

Meanwhile, in Australia, a news programme screened last week in which one model, Victoire Dauxerre, was asked if she thought a woman could be a successful model without having an eating disorder. “No,” she replied.

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