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Nike Launches High Quality Hijab for Female Muslim Atheletes

BBC Breaking News (08 March): World most famous Active Wear Company recently launched a Sports-friendly version of the Traditional Headscarf. 

Nike Launches Pro Hijab for Female Muslim Atheletes

According to Vogue Arabia, the pull-on High Quality Hijab is made of light stretchy breathable fabric, a welcome relief from traditional fabrics like cotton, which retains moisture and can cause discomfort when an athlete gets sweaty. “The Nike High Quality Hijab was especially designed as a direct result of our athletes telling us they needed this product to perform better,” Megan Saalfeld, a Nike spokesperson, told Al Arabiya English.

Nike Launches High Quality Hijab for Female Muslim Atheletes

The Emirati Olympian Amna Al Haddad told Nike during a visit to the company’s Sports Lab in Oregon that she had just one hijab she could wear, and she had to hand-wash it in the sink every night during competitions. World top brand has been developing the product for over a year and the hijab has been tested by many hijab wearing athletes.

At the starting, the testers include Abu Dhabi based figure skater Zahra Lari and mountaineer Manal Rostom. While several small and medium companies have attempted active wear for Muslim women, Nike is the first multinational company to take this step. Nike plans to release the High Quality Hijab early next year.