Supreme Court Pakistan Finally Announce Panama Leaks Judgment

Supreme Court of Pakistan Finally Announce Panama Leaks Judgment


ISLAMABAD: First time in the history of Pakistan, everybody are set on the Supreme Court, with less than an hour left for a scheduled announcement in the Panama Leaks case, which took the country by storm over a year ago.
Supreme Court will announce “not a short but a long detailed judgement” on the Panama Papers revelation that the prime minister’s children owned offshore companies dealing in millions of dollars in property transactions.
Justice Asif Khosa and Justice Gulzar concluded that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be disqualified.

The judgement authored by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, which was read out by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa.

Earlier in the day, a ring of steel was placed around the court ahead of the ruling on corruption allegations against the prime minister and his family members.

Around 1,500 police commandoes and riot forces have been deployed around the court in Islamabad ahead of the highly-anticipated decision.

Dozens of baton-wielding police were also seen along some roads leading into the capital.

The controversy threatened to plunge Nawaz Sharif´s governing party into turmoil ahead of looming general elections, and as security and the economy improve in the militancy-plagued country.

Questions arose over his family’s business dealings when three of his children were linked to offshore accounts in the Panama Papers leaks.
Mr Sharif and his family have denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the claims as politically motivated.
The government says it is confident that Mr Sharif will be cleared.
The case has made headlines in recent months and stocks briefly fell on the announcement that the highly anticipated decision would be delivered on Thursday.
About 1,500 police officers have been deployed around the court in Islamabad, according to reports.
The Supreme Court agreed to investigate Mr Sharif’s offshore wealth late last year after opposition leader Imran Khan threatened street protests.
The focus of the probe is on the funds used to purchase property in London using offshore companies.
Mr Sharif’s daughter Maryam, tipped as a future political star, and his sons Hasan and Hussein are implicated in the allegations.

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