Plastic Surgeons, Derms, and Facialists Predict the Biggest 2021 Skincare Trends

“The top in-office beauty treatments we’re seeing right now specifically target the forehead, brow, and eye area since we spend so much time with masks on,” says Beverly Hills–based plastic surgeon Anita Patel, MD, FACS. To get into specifics, she lists the brow thread lift (or ponytail thread lift), the nonsurgical brow or eyelid lift using radio frequency skin tightening, Botox and Dysport to manage forehead wrinkles and crow’s-feet, and Latisse to grow lashes, especially since nobody can get (or, at least, should be getting) their lash extensions right now. 

Additionally, the amount of quality time the world is spending on Zoom and video calls is also having an interesting influence on surging in-office beauty trends. According to Patel, there’s been a spike in treatments that specifically focus on the chin and jawline. 

“When you stare at yourself on Zoom all day, you can become aware of angles, shadows, and perhaps even skin irregularities that you might not be used to seeing every day,” she explains. “People are becoming more fixated on their neck, chin, jawline, and the texture of their skin. This is where chin and jawline contouring with filler comes in. You see the result immediately, and it can even have a slimming and/or elongating effect. For skin texture, we have been busiest with lasers since you can recover without having to worry about seeing anyone.”

To support in-office results at home, Patel recommends trending skincare staples like exfoliators, nourishing anti-aging masks, gentle peels, LED, and microcurrent devices designed for home use. (You can shop some of our faves just below!)