Lorde’s ex manager is sacked from Australian record label for sexual harassment

The record executive who managed pop singer Lorde for five years has been fired from his Australian record label after revelations of sexual harassment.

Scott Maclachlan is widely credited with discovering the Grammy-winning singer and managing her at his Saiko Management until 2016.

He managed Lorde from through the release of her debut album but later parted ways with her and took up a role as a senior vice president at Warner Music Group’s Australian arm in Sydney.

Warner Music Group has now terminated Maclachlan after an investigation into sexual harassment claims.

Machlachlan admitted to the ‘harmful impact’ of his behaviour and issued a grovelling apology to his victims.

‘I do accept the harmful impact of my past behaviour and I try every day to repair the damage and prevent it happening again,’ Maclachlan told Stuff.

He admitted to ‘stupid, insensitive and ignorant comments’ towards women in the music industry, asking if they wanted sexual contact with him and commenting on their bodies.

‘There’s not a day goes by that I don’t regret the harm I have caused people around me and most importantly the pain and embarrassment I have caused my wife and children,’ he said.

‘I have to live with that guilt, knowing that people I worked with have also endured pain and stress because of my actions.’

The publication reported he was in intensive psychotherapy while trying to ‘live a simpler, less egotistical life’. 

Amy Goldsmith, a former employee at the Auckland-based management company he founded, said Maclachlan sexually harassed and emotionally manipulated her. 

‘He would insinuate he wanted more (than their professional relationship) he would comment on my body, he would ask whether I wanted to kiss him. Most of the time I just told him to shut up,’ she said.

Maclachlan said Ms Goldsmith’s claims were true. 

Warner Music Group said it previously investigated what they believed to be an isolated incident in 2018.

‘Now that we’ve learned about these additional incidents, we’ve terminated Scott Maclachlan’s employment contract with immediate effect,’ the group said. 

Originally from the UK, Machlachlan worked in the British music business for two decades before moving to New Zealand in 2008, where he began working with Lorde when she was 13 years old.

Asked about the reasons for the split in 2016, Maclachlan said: ‘I can’t talk about because there are ongoing legal issues that I don’t want to compromise.’

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