Rush to send vaccines to south-west Sydney

NSW Police Minister David Elliott has confirmed police will be using less discretion from now on when targeting Sydneysiders who break lockdown rules.

“In the last couple of days police have been working with communities that don’t listen to mainstream media and maybe haven’t got the message, so the days of excuses will soon end and you will find yourself with either $1000 ticket or a trip to a courthouse,” Mr Elliott told Today.

Mr Elliott said police didn’t want to give fines, and 100 which were given in the latest 24 hour report is out of five million people, so most people were doing the right thing.

“I think that the $1000 fine is fair. We don’t want to give fines. The government doesn’t want to give fines, we just want everybody to do the right thing because we all want to make sure we can get through this as quickly as possible,” he said.

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