Covid: US family reunited with Scottish relatives after 20 months

Families have been reunited as restrictions are eased on fully-vaccinated visitors from the EU and US arriving in Scotland.

People who have been double-jabbed in the EU and US no longer have to quarantine. The change, which began at 04:00, affects those arriving from countries on the amber list – except France.

The Scottish government said it was possible due to the success of the vaccine roll-out. However people are still being urged to “think very carefully about whether your trip abroad is necessary” before they travel.

There were emotional scenes at Glasgow Airport, just hours after the restrictions were eased.

Elaine Burt, 55, a senior nurse with the NHS from Newton Mearns, was waiting for her sister and nephews to arrive from Boston, USA, for their first meeting in 20 months.

Her sister Michelle Bolger, 50, and her nephews Kaie, 17, and Taran, 12, who were all double vaccinated in the US, were visiting Scotland to spend time with her mother Jean, who has been unwell.

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