Newly hired NYC staff must show vaccination proof, mayor says

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the Metropolitan Transit Authority and Port Authority transit employees will be subject to a vaccine or weekly testing mandate, beginning on Labor Day.

He also suggested school districts in impacted areas should take steps to mandate a vaccine or weekly testing as well.

“For public facing people who are in a high risk situation, I say there should be a mandatory vaccine policy,” he said, reiterating how he is mandating vaccine for state hospital workers that are public facing. 

He believes that mandate should be extended to other hospitals and suggested NYC Health and Hospitals, which owns 11 in the city, put in place a mandatory vaccination policy.

Additionally, more vaccine sites will be opening in September for the MTA and state employees, he said. Earlier Cuomo said he was asking and suggesting private businesses go to vaccine only admission. 

“Bars, restaurants, go to a vaccine only admission, I believe it’s in your best business interest,” he said.

It’s his opinion that “everything should be on the table.”

“If the numbers don’t come down I think you have to consider mandatory vaccines for nursing home workers,” as well as teachers, and all healthcare workers public facing, he said. 

“You know the nursing homes are the high risk populations, we learned that in a painful lesson. How did it get into the nursing homes? It came in with an aide,” he said.

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