Cases yet to peak in Victoria: CHO

Premier Daniel Andrews said he might reveal the state’s roadmap out of lockdown before Sunday.

“I am not saying that you definitely have to wait until Sunday,” he said.

Mr Andrews said the state would reach the target of having 70 per cent of the eligible population vaccinated tomorrow.

Mr Andrews said he might announce the restriction changes when the target was hit tomorrow.

“Obviously we will confirm (restriction changes) for people as soon as we can.”

But he warned he was not “overselling” that the easing of restrictions would be modest, namely “extra time and extra distance to be able to travel from home for exercise”.

“If we can go further than that with some social interaction as will get those announcements made as soon as possible,” he said.

“It may well be, though, that if we roll all of this together in the roadmap on, say, Sunday, we can do more because we have settled on the full context.

“That would be the only reason why we might wait a little while longer I will only be a day or so. I will have more to say on this definitively on the weekend.”

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