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Filming An Intimate Scene With Natalie Portman Was Very Uncomfortable For May December’s Charles Melton


  • Filming an intimate scene with Natalie Portman was uncomfortable for Charles Melton.
  • The intimate scene in “May December” is realistic and has a major buildup.
  • Melton wore a prosthetic and had to go without drinking for hours while filming the scene.

From the outside looking in, it often seems like filming an intimate scene would be a wonderful experience for an actor. As it turns out, Jake Gyllenhaal once revealed how much he enjoyed filming intimate scenes with Anne Hataway. However, Robert Pattinson felt humiliated after filming an intimate scene with Julianne Moore.

After starring in Riverdale for years, Charles Melton starred in May December with Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman. Unfortunately for Melton, he later revealed how uncomfortable it was for him to film an intimate scene with Portman.

Filming An Intimate Scene With Natalie Portman Was Hard For Charles Melton

After starring in Riverdale for many years, Charles Melton got the chance to live every young actor’s dream. Melton earned the right to star in an acclaimed film with two of the most respected actors of all time, Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman. However, one aspect of making May December that wasn’t a dream for Melton was filming an intimate scene with Portman.

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In the movie May December, Portman plays an actor who gets close to Moore’s character in the film so that she can learn how to portray her. Since Melton’s character is married to Moore’s character, that means that the actor Portman plays becomes interested in him.

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The following is a major spoiler but arguably May December’s most talked about scene focuses on Portman and Melton’s characters. In that scene, Portman and Melton’s characters have an intimate encounter that is more realistic than what typically is seen in movies.


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On top of the intimate scene being very realistic, there is a major buildup to it as Portman’s character has tension with Melton and Moore’s characters. Another reason why the sequence is so remarkable is when the intimate encounter ends, Portman’s character says something very cutting to Melton’s character.

Given all the ways that May December’s intimate scene is noteworthy, it makes sense that Melton has been asked about it during interviews. When Melton spoke to Variety in December 2023, he revealed the surprising reason why filming May December’s intimate scene was so uncomfortable for him.

In December 2023, Charles Melton, Julianne Moore, and Natalie Portman were interviewed together. During the resulting conversation, Melton spoke about
how fortunate he felt to work with Portman and Moore
. “That was the gift. Working with Natalie and Julie who are masters of their craft and how supported and free that I felt, empowered by them and just working with them. I felt just so encouraged.”

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To the great credit of May December’s director Todd Haynes and Portman, Melton revealed how professional they both were while preparing to film the scene.

“It was very professional. The whole thing. Natalie, Todd, and I met to discuss the scene, walking through it and ensuring everybody was comfortable.”


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Since Portman produced May December on top of starring in it, it is a great thing that she was so supportive of Melton. Unfortunately for the younger actor, however, there was a physical reality that Melton had to deal with that was very uncomfortable.

Another one of the ways that May December’s intimate scene stands out is that a part of Melton’s character’s body that usually isn’t seen in movies gets shown. However, if moviegoers thought they saw that part of Melton’s body, they were wrong because the actor wore a prosthetic.

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When Melton spoke to Variety about filming the intimate scene, he revealed what he went through with that prosthetic. According to Melton, to film that scene he had to wear that prosthetic around his co-workers for many hours. Melton also revealed that he had to go a long time without drinking during the process. Melton revealed he was uncomfortable for those reasons, but he made sure to praise how great his co-workers were.

“There were a few conversations about the prosthetic, regarding what was realistic and what wasn’t. And I had to wear that prosthetic for nine hours that day. I didn’t have anything to drink that morning or the night before. That was an annoying process but still very respectful.”

How Did Natalie Portman Feel About May December’s Intimate Scene?

Since May December was released, Natalie Portman has taken part in a seemingly endless array of interviews about the movie. During many of those conversations, Portman had a lot to say about the movie’s notable intimate scene.


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During one interview with Radio Times magazine, for example, Portman spoke about how uncomfortable it always is to film intimate scenes. Fortunately for Portman, however, she agreed with Melton that they were able to create an open and supportive environment.

“It’s never comfortable. And we just figured it out between ourselves. I think we all had a very good, open communication. But I think intimacy coordinators can be really wonderful, especially in environments that are uncomfortable or hostile. It can be helpful to have some sort of structure around it.”

Natalie Portman looking serious
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During a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Portman spoke about what the intimate scene said about her character.

In 2010, Natalie Portman spoke to WENN about why
she didn’t want to do any more revealing scenes.
During that interview, Portman explained that she thinks being bare onscreen is beautiful, but she doesn’t want to film revealing scenes that will be uploaded on the internet.

“When you go there and when you go into places that her movie is exploring — and trying to get into the mindset and the heart of someone who’s committing a crime — what does that do to you? How does it affect you? How does it affect your morality and your ethics? Can art actually be immoral? Can you depict a crime without somehow endorsing it or exploiting it?”

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