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Kirsten Flipkens Lesbian or not?, Bio, Wiki, Family, Boyfriend, Facts

The sexuality of the Belgian professional tennis player has sparked debate on the internet, prompting queries such as “Is Kirsten Flipkens a Lesbian?”

Kirsten “Flipper” Flipkens is a professional tennis player from Belgium who attained a career-high ranking of No. 13 in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Despite her small stature and lack of physical power, she demonstrates great talents in her serve and flexible style of play. The athlete specializes at forehand hits, serves, speed, agility, and a variety of shots, earning her the WTA’s “Shot of the Day” award.

Notably, Flipkens is known for her unusual backhand slice and predilection for serve-and-volley techniques, which work best on fast court surfaces.

Is Kirsten Flipkens Lesbian or does she have a boyfriend? | Sexuality

Because the tennis player is a well-known personality in the tennis world, there is growing interest among her followers in learning more about her sexuality.

And it has resulted in an increase in queries such as “Is Kirsten Flipkens a lesbian or does she have a boyfriend?” However, no information on her sexuality is currently available, and she has made no public statements about her sexual identity. As a result, answering the question regarding the athlete being a lesbian is tough.

Kirsten Flipkens' Sexuality
Kirsten Flipkens Lesbian news is still a mystery, as she has yet to declare her sexual orientation publicly. (Source: Instagram)

Kirsten’s sexuality suspicions and speculations may stem from her protracted absence from any reported partnerships. However, because sexuality is a highly personal topic, it is crucial not to make assumptions about someone’s sexuality based purely on rumors.

Instead, it is more fair to focus on her physical ability and accomplishments, emphasizing her contributions to the tennis world. Fans and supporters should be focused on her passion to her sport.

It’s also worth noting that she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now.

Who is Kirsten Flipkens’ Boyfriend? | Is she dating anyone? Secret Boyfriend

While Kirsten does not currently have a verified boyfriend, she does have a kid whom she affectionately refers to as “kleine scampi.”

She may not have imminent intentions for marriage as an active athlete who is far from retiring.

Kirsten Flipkens' Sexuality
There is no any confirmations regarding her Rumored topic, that she is Lesbian or not., Photo Source; Instagram

However, as evidenced by her Instagram pictures, she genuinely likes parenthood.

In one of her messages, which included a photo of herself and her kid, she conveyed her love and dedication to her child.

The player was aware of her flaws but always swore to protect and do her best for her daughter.

Kirsten Flipkens Relationship History

According to the website ESSENTIALLY SPORTS, the Belgian tennis player confessed her romantic relationship with Rafael Nadal when they were teenagers.

Flipkens made these remarks on a Dutch TV show, which instantly went viral. She was surprised, however, that this news piqued the curiosity of followers, given that it was a childhood romance.

In reaction to a tweet by Jose Morgado, a Portuguese journalist. The tennis player revealed that she and Nadal had separated and that their adolescent relationship is no longer newsworthy.

Kirsten Flipkens' Partner,Dating
Tennis Player Kirsten Flipkens with her friends, Photo Source; Instagram

She thought her remarks were overblown. Despite being the same age and growing up together, the athlete confirmed that they did have a romantic relationship at the time.

She went on to say, “When I was fourteen years old, I had a thing with Rafael.” But, because Nadal didn’t speak English well at the time, they couldn’t do much more than hold hands and kiss. Although it is intriguing, we can reasonably presume Rafael is now content in his marriage.

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