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Lindsay Mullan – Net Worth 2022/2021, Age, Height, Bio, Family, Wiki

A well-known Canadian figure renowned for being the host of the podcast Truth Be Told, Lindsay Mullan is an award-winning comedian and improviser.

Quick Facts of Lindsay Mullan

Full Name Lindsay Mullan
Net Worth 100 Thousand USD
Nickname Lindsay Mullan
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Alberta, Canada
Ethnicity White Caucsian
Profession Actor, Instructor
Nationality American-Canadian
Active Year 2014
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Build lean
Height 5 Feet and 4 Inches/ 1.6 Meters
Weight 55 Kilograms/ 121.25 lbs
Education Mount Royal University Theatre Art
Online Presence Instagram
Facebook Link
Instagram Link
Imdb Link
Relationship History Yes

A well-known Canadian figure named Lindsay Mullan is an award-winning comedian and improviser. Mullan not only produces comedy-related stuff but also imparts knowledge to others. She has also referred to herself as a sassy sentimentalist on her Instagram.

She has pursued a variety of careers and established herself in them. Let’s discover additional details about Mullan’s life.

How much is the net worth of Lindsay Mullan as of 2022?

According to estimates, Lindsay Mullan has a net worth of $100,000. She has worked in the entertainment sector for more than 20 years, and as a seasoned actress, she makes a comfortable living.

Lindsay Mullan riding a bike.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

She hosts the podcast Truth Be Told and writes for a variety of shows. Her successful films include My Spy, Loose Ends, and others. She rides a fancy bike.

Early Years

Mullan was reared in Calgary, Alberta, after spending a portion of her early years there. She had already decided to pursue a career in the entertainment sector and was very passionate about acting from an early age.

After completing her high-level schooling, she continued on to the prestigious Mount Royal University Theatre Arts Program, where she earned her acting diploma, in order to fulfill her passion. She has also participated in numerous training programs, all of which have helped her career.

Mullan has kept her family’s identity a secret. But it is commonly known that her mother is intelligent and holds a Ph.D.

How is the Relationships Status of Lindsay Mullan?

John Dardenne, who works as an actor, is the partner of Lindsay Mullan at the moment. They both have a similar passion for comedy and acting. The couple’s relationship status is unknown, but they appear to be very content and at ease with one another.

Lindsay Mullan and her boyfriend John Dardenne.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

Mullan and Dardenne are not in a rush to develop their union further. Every minute is enjoyed by them, and they frequently go to lovely places together to spend time together. The couple is not hesitant to discuss their relationship on their individual social media platforms.

Her lover refers to Mullan as Groot, while she calls him by the nickname Grump. In the near future, the pair might announce happy marriage news to the whole public.

Lindsay Mullan’s Boyfriend – John Dardenne

John Dardenne, Lindsay’s boyfriend, is an actor and comedian who has appeared in more than 40 commercials. His advertisements have appeared for brands including Volkswagen, NFL, Nintendo, and many others.

He has served as a host for Game Night at iO West and Show! stand up at The Hayworth. He created jokes that were performed on The Tonight Show on NBC and broadcast on FOX. Dardenne is the author of the web series Fresh Perspectives as well.

Was In A Relationship With Michael Savery Before She Met John Dardenne

Michael Savery and Lindsay had a romantic relationship before Lindsay met John, her current love interest. Even though there are few facts about their relationship, Mullan frequently appeared with him in her Instagram postings.

Lindsay Mullan with her former Boyfriend, Michael Savery.
Source: Favebites

The caption for the photos she posted of herself and Michael read, “World’s Most Expensive Tinder Date.” Sadly, the former couple is no longer together, but they are content with their separate new partners right now.

Savery has gained more than 500 followers on Instagram using the user handle @m savery. He has visited several nations and has an exciting lifestyle. He has expressed interest in biking as well.

Relationship With Niece

Mullan adores kids and thinks they are adorable and cute. Her niece is the person she loves the most. The parents of her niece, who was born in 2018, gave her the name Ramona.

Lindsay Mullan and her niece Ramona.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

Mullan visits her niece and spends time with her whenever she has free time. On Instagram, she has shared numerous photos of both Ramona and herself.

Alumni From The Second City’s Mainstage in Toronto

The second city Toronto Mainstage is where Mullan previously worked as a writer and performer. She composed and acted in two revues while she was at Toronto Mainstage in the second city.

The Loose Moose Theatre Company, one of the esteemed theaters, is another affiliation for the Toronto actress. She had completed five years of improv training there.

Lindsay Was Infected By Covid-19

Many people contracted this fatal illness during the 2020 COVID epidemic, and many of them perished. Lindsay was one of those infected with the virus. Her career and shows were impacted.

Lindsay Mullan during her covid infected time.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

However, She gladly lived under quarantine rather than feeling down, anxious, or tense. She did adhere to all safety precautions and rid herself of contamination.

Lindsay Mullan Was Tired Of Getting The Same Kind Of Roles

The Canadian actress Mullan has always been instructed to dress in a particular way and adopt a particular attitude, both of which she believes to be quite domineering of males. She had grown weary of having men define her sex.

She was frequently cast in the same kind of role throughout her her career. Although she may have been a messy man’s wife or girlfriend depending on her function. Mullan was assigned the motherly position after the 1930s.

That didn’t satisfy Lindsay, so she started a new program called Tease. Why should a male be able to determine when a woman looks good is a topic that this show both answers and raises. Why did they think it was okay to make remarks about a woman’s performance and appearance?

Return To Stage And Improv Instruction

Mullan is getting ready to debut a brand-new stage production, which, in her opinion, will have a vibe similar to hanging out with friends. Before the performances, she is also giving free Improv classes.

She has also remarked that while many people believe that improv requires thinking creatively outside the box, this is not the case.

Lindsay is a Dog Lover

Mullan, the host of the Truths Be Told podcast, is a compassionate person who has a deep love for dogs and once owned one similar to Percy Hynes White. Tango, her black dog, is her pet.

Lindsay Mullan with her dog Tango.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

Black-colored Swedish Lapphund dog named Tango. Mullan has uploaded photos of herself bonding with her pet dog. She has also written on her blog about pets that are not her own. Mullan seems to love all of them equally, regardless of who the dog belongs to.

Lindsay Mullan’s Height And Physical Appearance Details

Mullan is a star in the glitzy entertainment industry who must put up with continual pressure to look attractive. She thus constantly gave the impression of being kept up and manicured. She is cheerful and has short, dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

The award-winning content producer is a tall man, standing at 5 feet, 4 inches, or 162 centimeters. She has a good figure and a thin frame.

Social Media Presence

The multi-award-winning comedian Mullan is a very honest person who doesn’t keep anything about her personal life a secret. She wants to grin with others and enjoys interacting with them. Then she has activated an account on significant social media networks like Instagram in order to update her life.

She has more than 2,150 followers on Instagram, where her username is @lindsomullo. On her Instagram account, she has documented both personal and professional situations. Other than this, Mullan doesn’t appear to be active on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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