Who Is Tracey Starwood? Meet Glen Rice Jr. Mother Whom He Loves So Much

Glen Rice Jr. was born to his mother, Tracey Starwood, and his father, Glen Rice. Junior Glen Rice is of Afro-American descent and was born and reared in Miami, Florida, in the United States.

Rice grew up with three siblings: two brothers, G’mitri Rice and Giancarlo Rice, and a sister, Brianna Rice. According to his education, he attended Walton High School and then Georgia Tech University to complete his studies.

Junior Rice’s father is the all-time leading scorer for Michigan. Senior Rice was a three-time NBA All-Star who hit 1,559 three-pointers in his 15-year career.

Throughout his career, Sr. Rice won the NCAA and the NBA championship. As the proprietor of G-Force Fights, a mixed martial arts fight promotion company based in Miami, Florida.

Learn About Her Husband And Children

It’s unclear whether Tracey Starwood is married or not. According to reports, Tracey is not married to Senior Rice, the father of Glen Rice Jr. She is quiet, making it difficult to tell if she is married.

Tracey Starwood is the mother of G’mitri Rice and Junior Glen Rice, according to sources. There is no information available about her marital history or current love interests.

Tracey Starwood Family: Facts To Know About Her Background

Starwood is a reserved individual who may dislike socializing. Tracey has kept her family’s identity hidden because she does not want her personal life to be known.

Tracey Starwood’s family is still unknown. How can we expect Starwood to reveal information about her family online if she doesn’t reveal anything about herself?

Is Tracey Starwood On Instagram?

Tracey Starwood is nowhere to be found on Instagram. She might not enjoy interacting with others through social media. Tracey is not on any social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok.

Starwood may avoid media attention and interviews because she prefers to live a simple life rather than glorify it. As a result, Tracey is currently unavailable on Instagram.