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WWE’s Maryse Mizanin Diagnosed With ‘Very Rare’ Precancer of the Ovaries

WWE's Maryse Mizanin Set to Undergo Hysterectomy After Precancerous Tumors Found on Her Ovaries

Maryse Mizanin.
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WWE star Maryse Mizanin revealed that she will undergo a hysterectomy after doctors found 11 precancerous tumors on her ovaries.

Maryse, who has been married to WWE’s Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin since 2014, took to social media on Saturday, February 10, to share her health scare with followers.

“I had been suffering from severe abdominal distention and swelling to the point where I would look 6 months pregnant,” Maryse, 41, explained via Instagram. “Lots of GI issues, including sibo, multiple rounds of antibiotics, extreme fatigue and just wasn’t feeling like myself! For the past year, my symptoms would come in flare ups and it progressively got worse – it became chronic.”

The professional wrestler noted that she saw “countless doctors in different fields” and had lots of tests, but doctors just told her it was “probably hormonal” or “something [her] body is allergic to.”

“I was told to let it go – that it would figure itself out with time,” she continued. “That I’m just too impatient and making myself crazy over this! I would just not quit on trying to figure it out!”

After Maryse met with OB-GYN Thais Aliabadi she finally found some much-needed answers.

WWE's Maryse Mizanin Set to Undergo Hysterectomy After Precancerous Tumors Found on Her Ovaries

“A week ago I went into surgery with Dr. Thais. She performed a Laparoscopy surgery for what we thought at the time was potentially Endometriosis disease!” Maryse explained. “She found and removed 11 implants around my uterus, ovaries and all connective tissues around the organs in my abdominal cavity. These were sent to pathology for testing.”

When Maryse got the results three days later, the 11 implants came back as “Serous Borderline tumors,” which is a “very rare pre-cancer of the ovaries.”

“Very sneaky and aggressive. If those became cancer, the survival rate is less than a year,” Maryse shared, adding that she is scheduled for a hysterectomy in four weeks, at which point her “uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and omentum” will all be removed.

Despite having to undergo such an intense procedure, Maryse said that she is staying “positive” and is “determined to beat this thing.”

“There is only one option and it’s winning this battle! As a mom of two young daughters, I have to,” Maryse explained. (She shares daughters Monroe, 5, and Madison, 4, with Mike, 43.)

“Let’s bring light to a huge woman healthcare issue here,” Maryse continued. “Women get so conditioned to believe that it is normal to suffer, most often in silence. Told to stop being a cry baby. That it must be hormonal imbalances, just anxiety or just all in your head. This is not normal. This cycle has to be broken!”

WWE's Maryse Mizanin Set to Undergo Hysterectomy After Precancerous Tumors Found on Her Ovaries
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Maryse concluded her post by urging her followers to “advocate for [themselves]” and to “keep pushing,” even if they are “dismissed” by doctors.

“Follow your instincts. Never ever underestimate your gut feelings!” she said before thanking her doctor, nurses and her late father. “I have an angel on my shoulder protecting me, THANK YOU DAD.”

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This isn’t the first time Maryse has opened up about her health and her body. In January 2020, Maryse detailed the ways her body changed after giving birth to both of her daughters.

“I’ve been pregnant twice in two years; when Monroe was 8 months [old], I got pregnant,” she told People in an interview at the time. “I was just getting back to feeling like myself physically and looking like the way I used to. And then I got pregnant right away. It just takes time to get back to yourself.”

She continued: “It takes nine months to make a baby, it takes nine months to [bounce back]. That’s true — sometimes longer. Everything inside of you needs to go back to normal and it doesn’t just happen overnight. You created a human being, you know? It takes time to get back

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