Arnold Schwarzenegger Wasn’t The Most Easy-Going Dad With Son Patrick

When Patrick Schwarzenegger was around nine, he ignored his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, pleas to make his own bed and instead got the nanny to tackle it for him. One day, Arnold decided he’d had enough of his son’s laziness and decided to give him some tough love. In his “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” interview, the “Terminator” star admitted that he was furious after learning that Patrick used the nanny’s services, “So, I grabbed the mattress, opened up the doors, and threw it off the balcony, down into the swimming pool!” 

The former governor continued, “It gives an example. … So he had to, kind of, drag it up, the mattress and the pillows — I threw everything out there.” When Arnold discussed the incident with People, he revealed that he felt even more offended by young Patrick’s refusal to do his chores because he taught him how to make the bed. Arnold also acknowledged that he wasn’t happy with how long his son took to shower. After several arguments about it, Arnold reached his breaking point and invested in one that timed the hot water dispensed. 

So, when Patrick went over by five minutes, he would be bombarded with cold water. Likewise, Arnold informed Jimmy Kimmel that he warned his son to turn off the lights in his room when he left, and if he forgot, the strict disciplinarian unscrewed a bulb from the chandelier in his room. Eventually, all of them were gone, and young Patrick was left crying alone in the dark. 

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