Experts Tell Us What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Taylor & Travis’ PDA

So, is this romance all for show, and does the footage of them at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl afterparty prove it? The List spoke exclusively to Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, and that’s not her takeaway. “I don’t think they are acting for the cameras except maybe in the hug and kiss after the Super Bowl win,” she explained. She acknowledges though that it sometimes comes off that way, and she thinks there’s a clear reason why. “It doesn’t feel like they are faking anything or acting in as much that it seems to be a genuine moment that comes off as acting because it’s personal, and there are twenty million cameras in their face,” she said.  adding, “I read it more like discomfort. They are sharing a genuine, happy, and personal moment with millions of other people which can’t come off as it’s just us two, and they know it in the moment.”

So, rather than seeing a relationship that’s been created just to get everyone looking at them, we may be seeing a real relationship that’s being affected by… well, everyone looking at them. Nicole Moore, body language expert and celebrity love advisor, thinks there may even be a third option. “It’s possible that this relationship started as a PR relationship and feelings have grown, more so on Taylor’s side than Travis’,” says Moore.

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