RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Shares Update on Marriage & Meredith

RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Offers an Update on Her Marriage, Shares Where She Stands With Meredith, Weighs in on Angie & Meredith’s Drama, and Talks Monica, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Whitney Rose shared an update on her relationship with Meredith Marks, discussed Monica Garcia’s introduction to the group, and revealed where she stands with Heather Gay and her husband Justin.

On the current season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Meredith and Whitney had a dramatic fight concerning Meredith’s bathtub – after Whitney shaded the fact that Meredith and her husband took baths as a couple.

In an interview with ET, Whitney addressed Meredith’s impersonation of her voice on the show, as the mother of three read Whitney’s former insults.

“She tried her best,” said Whitney. “I never thought the bathtub would come and haunt me, but I honestly, I feel like Meredith was reaching pretty heavily to have a reason to be mad at me … We did have lingering beef from the year prior, with all the Lisa [Barlow] rumors and, you know, her stirring all that up and not taking accountability for it.”

She went on to say, “And it wasn’t really even about the bathtub, I was throwing shade at [Meredith’s] rentals … I let her know that it’s coming up a lot in my interviews … It’s really funny and, I mean, she knows. We’re good. We laugh about it now and a few days [after it aired], I sent her a selfie from my bathtub.”

Whitney then shared where she and Meredith now stand. “I don’t want to give away everything, like, it definitely– we are [in a good place], but it took time and there’s a lot more coming,” she said. “There’s more bathtub fights coming — not about the bathtub, but different things … similar vibes, yeah, and you know what? That’s what I love about Meredith is, she’s never really gonna tell you what’s going on. She’s gonna pull to something and reach, but eventually she gets there.”

When asked why Meredith has issues with castmate Angie Katsanevas, Whitney answered, “Your guess is as good as mine … It makes zero sense.”

She continued, “Meredith and Heather are really saying — especially Meredith — that it had to do with her relationship with Jen [Shah], but there is nothing more shocking than when Meredith flipped and became Jen’s friend … So, that doesn’t really add up for me. I don’t think the issue is really about Angie. … I think Meredith just has to have someone to pick on.”

Whitney then clarified, “In Meredith’s defense, a lot happens and a lot transpires; there will be a lot revealed, so it makes sense why Meredith harped so hard on Angie … There is no real winner in this situation.”

She then hinted at the mysterious rumors about Angie, claiming she herself had never heard about them before the season.

“They’re heavy and they carry a lot of weight,” she explained, “and I don’t think there’s really any winner in this situation. But I believe that [they] come out equally as far as fault.”

Discussing Monica’s introduction to the cast, Whitney shared, “You’ll see throughout the process, I never fully did [trust her] … However, she brings it. I mean, one, she shares a lot of her personal life and I really appreciate that, and I bonded with her over a lot of what’s going on in her personal life, her personal family dynamics.”

“I mean, I’m all about owning who you are, owning your wins and your loses, your mistakes,” she added, alluding to Monica’s confession that she had an affair with her brother-in-law. “If you don’t own your own story, then someone else will, right? So I get that, but damn, girl! That just, like, flew off the top! … I mean, she didn’t need to share details.”

Though Whitney was previously in a good place with Heather after they filmed Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, Whitney was put off by Heather’s shady comments at BravoCon.

“Girls Trip, I thought we were on a better path. BravoCon caught me by surprise,” she recalled, “so I was very hesitant. I kind of expected it to go differently. I just made the decision that, the past is in the past. I am going to move forward. I am going to leave Heather there in the past, however when we sat down once Jen was gone, and we sat down and had an honest conversation and each took accountability for things that were said and done — and really understood where each other was coming from — we realized how much we missed our friendship.”

“Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, and we are family and family fights hard, love hard,” expressed Whitney. “The trust had to be earned back on both sides, would say. But, we did the work and we are both grateful that we did.”

Addressing her healing journey – after opening up about her childhood abuse – Whitney expressed, “I had been working through a lot of this when I started filming season 1 … and I made the decision after sitting with Justin and my producer, I was like, I will share that I’m going through something, but I can’t share the details of it, because it doesn’t just involve me, and there’s a huge legality issue there. I really worry for people. I don’t want anyone to shed light on the people involved, or the situation, because I worry about people’s lives.”

Whitney indicated that the trailer’s suggestion that she and her husband were having marital troubles was somewhat misleading.

“There’s no troubles,” said Whitney, who then gave an update after her husband’s firing – reportedly due to his wife’s status on the show. “He’s back working, back to dual income, it’s amazing … He’s very happy, and the company that he’s with is so aligned with who we are — and they love Housewives.”

Live Viewing Thread – This is also the live viewing thread for the RHOSLC season four. Feel free to chat and comment below as the episode airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c.

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