The Matt And Kelly Moment That Made Fans Angry

There are lots of instances where Matt and Kelly McAdams have crossed the line between appropriate and inappropriate during their time on “I Love a Mama’s Boy,” but one moment from the June 26, 2022 episode of the show left fans with a particularly bad taste in their mouth. In the episode, Matt was worried about confessing to his mom that he’s dating a new woman (Brittany Taylor) after breaking up with Kimberly, and to soften the blow, he takes her for a picnic. Seems innocent enough, right? Well, we’re not sure what got into him, but Matt decided that the local cemetery was the perfect setting to tell his mom about his new fling. Apart from their behavior and Kelly’s negative reaction to her son’s news, the fans couldn’t believe how insensitive the setting for their picnic was.

One viewer took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their opinion, tweeting, “It’s just something about Matthew and his mom talking about the afterlife, drinking wine in a cemetery that feels wrong.” Another fan agreed, writing in a tweet, “What kind of person feels it’s normal to have a picnic at a grave site??? Or I forgot these people are so far from normal that it’s creepy.” It seems as if Matt and Kelly became the most criticized duo on the show, and their reputations only got worse from there.

Post source: The List

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