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Do YOU you will have ‘face blindness’? Take this 20-point check to seek out out… 

Lots of us are unhealthy with remembering names, however can nonetheless pick a previous colleague or outdated flame after they pop up on social media.

However, a brand new examine from Harvard University has discovered that as much as 5.42 per cent of individuals battle with the alternative downside.

‘Prosopagnosia’, or face blindness, is a dysfunction that makes you unable to recognise faces you’ve got seen earlier than, together with these of family and friends.

It may end in you being unable to determine your self in photos or the mirror, or feeling like you realize full strangers.

Last 12 months, Brad Pitt detailed his expertise with the situation, admitting that ‘no person believes’ him when he talks about it.

'Prosopagnosia', or face blindness, is a disorder that makes the person not be able to recognise faces they have seen before, including those of friends and family (stock image)

‘Prosopagnosia’, or face blindness, is a dysfunction that makes the particular person not be capable to recognise faces they’ve seen earlier than, together with these of family and friends (inventory picture)

Nursery nurse Hannah Read, who has the worst case of face blindness in UK, mentioned that ‘each face seems the identical’ and is simply ‘two eyes, a nostril and a mouth’.

What is face blindness?

Prosopagnosia is a neurological dysfunction characterised by the lack to recognise individuals’s faces.

Also often called ‘face blindness’, the severity of the situation depends upon the diploma of impairment an individual suffers.

Some individuals with prosopagnosia could solely battle to recognise a well-known face, whereas others will likely be unable to discriminate between unknown faces, and in additional extreme instances victims can not distinguish a face as being totally different from an object.

Some victims are unable to recognise their very own faces.

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, comic Stephen Fry and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt are amongst those that have admitted affected by face blindness. 

Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke


Those with the dysfunction could cope through the use of alternative routes to recognise individuals, akin to remembering the best way they stroll, or their coiffure, voice or clothes.

It is considered the results of abnormalities, harm, or impairment in the precise fusiform gyrus – a fold within the mind that seems to coordinate facial notion and reminiscence.

Prosopagnosia may end up from stroke, traumatic mind harm, or some neurodegenerative illnesses, however in some instances it’s current at delivery.

It seems to run in households, which makes it prone to be the results of a genetic mutation or deletion. 

While it’s generally cited that between two and a pair of.5 per cent of the world’s inhabitants has some type of face blindness, researchers got down to discover its true prevalence in a new examine, printed within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 

They recruited 3,341 people to take three totally different on-line surveys, the place the primary requested them to explain their very own experiences recognising faces of their day-to-day lives.

The subsequent two had been then goal checks which probed their potential to study new faces and recognise well-known ones respectively.

Results confirmed that 31 people had a extreme type of prosopagnosia, whereas 72 had a light type – a complete of three per cent of the examine contributors.

They additionally discovered that contributors who might simply recognise faces and those that couldn’t weren’t clearly distinguishable.

Instead, most of them fell someplace on a spectrum of severity and presentation, in an identical method to different developmental problems like autism and Alzheimer’s illness.

Last year, Brad Pitt detailed his experience with face blindness, admitting that 'nobody believes' him when he talks about it

Last 12 months, Brad Pitt detailed his expertise with face blindness, admitting that ‘no person believes’ him when he talks about it

The researchers then used totally different diagnostic standards to evaluate among the contributors with face blindness.

Depending on how strict these had been, they recognized prosopagnosia affected between 0.13 and 5.42 per cent of the group.

Interestingly, it was additionally discovered that the stricter standards didn’t all the time determine the people who had been poorest at recognising faces.

As a outcome, they concluded that scientists trying into the dysfunction ought to calm down their threshold for analysis, and cut up individuals by ‘gentle’ or ‘main’ case.

Diagnostic standards for face blindness fluctuate, however researchers from King’s College London have created a brief questionnaire for individuals who suspect they’ve it.

It asks individuals how strongly they agree with phrases together with ‘I typically mistake individuals I’ve met earlier than for strangers’ or ‘I typically discover motion pictures exhausting to observe due to difficulties recognising characters’.

Other questions embrace: ‘When I used to be in school I struggled to recognise my classmates’ or ‘When individuals change their coiffure, or put on hats, I’ve issues recognising them.’

Each query is scored out of 5, giving a complete rating of as much as 100. This closing rating may very well be used to assist decide the severity of face-blindness.


The following statements inquire about your face recognition skills.  

For every merchandise, point out how a lot you agree or disagree by selecting the suitable numbered response on a scale of 1 to 5.

One represents you strongly agree whereas 5 represents you strongly disagree.

Read every merchandise fastidiously earlier than responding and reply as truthfully as attainable. 

1. My face recognition potential is worse than most individuals

2. I’ve all the time had a foul reminiscence for faces

3. I discover it noticeably simpler to recognise individuals who have distinctive facial options 

4. I typically mistake individuals I’ve met earlier than for strangers 

5. When I used to be in school I struggled to recognise my classmates 

6. When individuals change their coiffure, or put on hats, I’ve issues recognising them 

7. I typically should warn new individuals I meet that I’m ‘unhealthy with faces’ 

8. I discover it straightforward to image particular person faces in my thoughts 

9. I’m higher than most individuals at placing a ‘title to a face’

10. Without listening to individuals’s voices I battle to recognise them 

11. Anxiety about face recognition has led me to keep away from social or skilled conditions 

12. I’ve to attempt tougher than different individuals to memorise faces 

13. I’m very assured in my potential to recognise myself in pictures 

14. I typically discover motion pictures exhausting to observe as a result of of difficulties recognising characters

15. My family and friends assume I’ve unhealthy face recognition or unhealthy face reminiscence 

16. I really feel like I steadily offend individuals by not recognising who they’re 

17. It is straightforward for me to recognise people in conditions that require individuals to put on related garments (e.g. fits, uniforms, swimwear) 

18. At household gatherings I typically confuse particular person relations 

19. I discover it straightforward to recognise celebrities in ‘before-they-were-famous’ photos, even when they’ve modified significantly

20. It is difficult to recognise acquainted individuals once I meet them out of context (e.g. assembly a piece colleague unexpectedly whereas procuring


For every query, apart from these named beneath rating one level 1-5 (with one being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree)

Items 8, 9, 13, 17 and 19 must be reverse scored. i.e., 5 = 1; 4 = 2; 3 = 3; 2 = 4; 1 = 5 2. 

Add collectively the numbered responses to calculate a rating between 20 (unimpaired face recognition) to 100 (severely impaired face recognition)

Source: Medical Reseearch Centre 

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