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Lisa Marie Presley’s cardiac arrest: What remedy will she obtain

Lisa Marie Presley, 54, suffered a ‘full’ cardiac arrest at her California house Thursday  and wanted CPR and a shot of adrenaline to jump-start her coronary heart.

The daughter of rock-legend Elvis Presley and actress Priscilla, was taken away from her Calabasas house in an ambulance after being resuscitated. 

The present state of Ms Presley is unknown, however she’s going to doubtless require hospitalization and be positioned on a ventilator whereas docs perform chest x-rays and blood assessments to seek out the reason for the cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest happens when the center all of a sudden stops beating and denies the remainder of the physique oxygen-rich blood, shutting off provide to the mind and inflicting somebody to go unconscious.

Lisa Marie Presley , 54, has been rushed to a hospital after EMTs responded to her home for a 'full cardiac arrest'

 Lisa Marie Presley , 54, has been rushed to a hospital after EMTs responded to her house for a ‘full cardiac arrest’

Cardiac arrest occurs when a person's heart suddenly stops beating. It is different from a heart attack as it is usually caused by an issue with the hearts electric rhythm

Cardiac arrest happens when an individual’s coronary heart all of a sudden stops beating. It is completely different from a coronary heart assault as it’s often brought on by a problem with the hearts electrical rhythm

Cardiac arrest happens when an individual’s coronary heart all of a sudden stops beating, depriving the physique’s organs of essential oxygen-rich blood.

When blood stops flowing to the mind, lungs and different very important organs, their perform is significantly diminished and key physique course of wanted to maintain an individual alive are halted.

It is brought on by some kind of electrical malfunction within the coronary heart inflicting an irregular heartbeat. In circumstances of full arrest, the center will all of a sudden cease beating all-together. 

Ms Presley reportedly suffered full cardiac arrest. In these circumstances, loss of life can happen rapidly with out medical remedy.

Her situation if she wakes up will rely upon how rapidly medical consideration was administered.

Brain cells can die inside minutes of being disadvantaged of oxygen. Experts informed that if the center is stopped for greater than 4 minutes, an individual may endure everlasting mind injury.

If their coronary heart shouldn’t be restarted with ten minutes, it’s doubtless that they won’t recuperate in any respect. 

Unlike a coronary heart assault, cardiac arrest shouldn’t be brought on by points with the circulation of blood, however as an alternative when the rhythm of the heartbeat is disrupted. 

Heart assaults happen when an artery blockage deprives the center sufficient oxygen. The coronary heart doesn’t cease beating throughout a coronary heart assault, not like some circumstances of cardiac arrest. 


A cardiac arrest happens when the center all of a sudden stops pumping blood across the physique, which is often attributable to an issue with electrical alerts within the organ.

This causes the mind to be starved of oxygen, which leads to victims not respiratory and shedding consciousness.

In the UK, greater than 30,000 cardiac arrests happen a yr exterior of hospital, in comparison with over 356,000 within the US.

Cardiac arrests are completely different to coronary heart assaults, with the latter occurring when blood provide to the center muscle is lower off attributable to a clot in one of many coronary arteries. 

Common causes embody coronary heart assaults, coronary heart illness and coronary heart muscle irritation.

Drug overdose and shedding a considerable amount of blood may also be responsible.

Giving an electrical shock by way of the chest wall through a defibrillator can begin the center once more. 

In the meantime, CPR can preserve oxygen circulating across the physique.

The situation most frequently happens when an individual’s coronary heart suffers a illness that may trigger malfunctions to its rhythm.

These embody ventricular tachycardia, when it beats too quick, bradycardia, the place it pumps blood too gradual, or ventricular fibrillation, when it really works at an irregular rhythm.

The American Heart Association (AHA) says that coronary heart tissue scarring brought on by a earlier occasion like a coronary heart assault or the event of heart problems may also be threat components. 

People who are suffering from hypertension, excessive ldl cholesterol, diabetes, weight problems, people who smoke, and inactive life are on the highest threat. 

Other threat components embody the thickening of the center muscle – often due to hypertension, some drugs, substance abuse and blood vessel points that may set off throughout critical actions or an enlarged or infected coronary heart.

In uncommon circumstances, cardiac arrest will be brought on by a construct up of potassium within the physique, referred to as hyperkalemia.

These sufferers shall be handled with calcium and insulin therapies to negate the results of potassium within the blood.

In these circumstances, they will even be given diuretics, which enhance urination to wash the mineral out of the physique.

The AHA recommends the usage of adrenaline to spice up blood circulate within the physique.

The chemical works by inflicting blood vessels in an individual’s physique to contract, and re-direct blood in direction of key organs like the center and lungs.

Usually, a 1mg dose shall be used alongside CPR when an individual is being resuscitated.

More than 350,000 Americans are hospitalized due to cardiac arrest every year, with 60 p.c of sufferers being males. 

Some individuals keep unconscious after having a cardiac arrest, and wish intubation and air flow with a respiratory machine to maintain their lungs working.

Patients shall be put by way of a collection of x-rays and blood assessments to seek out the reason for the cardiac arrest. 

A 2017 examine led by the University of Iowa discovered that cardiac arrest sufferers spend a median of 12 days within the hospital.

Nearly all circumstances that strike an individual exterior of a hospital, 90 p.c, shall be deadly, estimates counsel.

Ms Presley had beforehand suffered dependancy to opioid ache killers. She beforehand revealed she is ‘grateful to be alive’ after each her father and ex-husband Michael Jackson had died of drug overdoses.

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