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Type A personalities are prone to coronary heart illness whereas extroverts will find yourself overweight

Your character can have large impression in your well being, affecting every thing out of your coronary heart, to the quantity of hair in your head – and even your weight. 

Multiple research from the world over have discovered hyperlinks between specific character traits and each optimistic and detrimental well being outcomes.

There is not any ‘good’ character both, with each trait each having its advantages and downsides.

An individual who’s extroverted, for instance, is probably going higher within the bed room than their less-outgoing friends – whereas additionally having an elevated threat of creating weight problems.

Meanwhile, an introvert won’t develop weight problems, however does have extra of a threat of affected by despair throughout their life.

Experts say that character impacts behaviors and habits that drastically impression somebody’s well being. An individual’s character additionally impacts how their physique hormonally reacts to conditions – which impacts your complete physique.

Some individuals are extra more likely to expertise stress which has main ramifications throughout the physique’s inside signs as properly.


Extroverts are greater… but additionally higher in mattress 

Outgoing and expressive extroverts are identified to be the life social gathering, however their habits additionally put them at the next threat of creating weight problems.

A 2019 examine by German researchers gathered knowledge from practically 20,000 folks on each their character kind and physique mass index (BMI).

Being an extrovert is without doubt one of the ‘massive 5’ character traits – alongside, agreeableness, neuroticism, conscientiousness and openness.

Extroversion, together with neuroticism, correlated the best with charges of weight problems.

Researchers clarify that that is seemingly due to a extra outgoing, agreeable, character being extra more likely to eat snacks and participate in different actions that will result in them changing into overweight.

‘Body weight, in flip, displays our behaviors and way of life and contributes to the way in which we understand ourselves and others,’ a National Institutes of Health analysis group wrote in 2012 in a examine that had comparable findings.

‘Participants larger on Neuroticism or Extraversion… had larger BMI; these associations replicated throughout physique fats, waist, and hip circumference,’ they continued.

Extroverts make up round half of America’s inhabitants. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that 40 per cent of the nation in overweight, and 70 per cent of the inhabitants is chubby.

While they could battle with their weight, extroverts can excel within the bed room. 

Another German examine of the large 5 character traits, this one revealed earlier this 12 months, discovered that extroverts the place among the many finest personalities at offering pleasure for themselves and their companion.

The group carried out a meta-analysis on eight different research gauging each sexual efficiency and companion loyalty throughout the traits.

Extroverts had been discovered to be nice at intercourse, however not fairly essentially the most loyal bunch.

‘Personality not solely shapes an individual’s preferences for intercourse,’ researchers defined.

‘It additionally shapes an individual’s habits in a sexual relationship. This habits has an affect on the standard and amount of intercourse and, therefore, on the sexual well-being of the individual and his or her companion. 

‘Personality shapes sexual communication and data sharing, the way in which dissonant sexual preferences of the companions are dealt with, and the extent to which the individual is dedicated to guarantees made to their companion.’

They went on so as to add: ‘While extraversion and openness to expertise assist understand a mutually helpful intercourse life, we discover no proof that they’ve a dedication worth.’

The dedication worth highlighted how emotionally dedicated an individual needed to be to their companion with the intention to have high quality intercourse with them. 

Being aggressive can fend off diabetes however harm your coronary heart 

Some folks embrace competitors, and search for it in practically each single side of their lives.

These individuals are also known as ‘Type A’ personalities, and whereas their aggressive nature might be helpful to them within the office and in different elements of life – it could possibly hurt their hearts.

Cardiovascular specialists and physiologists have lengthy warned that those that are too aggressive in day-to-day lives are inflicting themselves extra stress.

This is actually because these folks usually attempt to tackle a number of duties at one, have poorer emotional management and can rush to satisfy the numerous calls for they tackle on account of their character. 

Dr Rachel Bollaert (pictured), a physiologist at Marquette University, warns that type A personalities are at a higher risk of a multitude of heart issues as a result of their increased stress levels

Dr Rachel Bollaert (pictured), a physiologist at Marquette University, warns that kind A personalities are at the next threat of a large number of coronary heart points on account of their elevated stress ranges 

Dr Rachel Bollaert, a physiologist at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, defined that this could result in a number of coronary heart points down the road.

‘In people who have the Type A, usually we see people having larger charges of probably persistent illnesses like coronary heart illness, or coronary already artery illness,’ she mentioned.

She went on to elucidate that the identical components that activate stress are also linked to elevated charges of coronary heart circumstances.

The American Heart Association warns that elevated stress causes an individual to undergo larger blood stress – which results in the better persistent points down the road.  

Type A personalities are discovered to have the ability to keep away from diabetes at larger charges than their friends of different varieties.

A 2021 examine from French researchers discovered that individuals reporting vital signs, foot ulcers, associated to kind 2 diabetes had been much less more likely to be of the extra aggressive character.

While a precise mechanism explaining why these character variations exist couldn’t be decided by the analysis, however they consider it may very well be associated to their probability to stick to sure care.

‘Type B character is rather more prevalent in such sufferers,’ they defined.

‘It could also be that the Type B character, which is characterised by fewer problem-focused coping methods and a decreased adherence to care.’

Being extra detailed and conscientious can result in an extended life – however can be linked to OCD

People who’re onerous working, organized and detail-oriented typically have one of the best well being.

Conscientiousness is taken into account to be one of many 5 main character traits. It is related to individuals who have better self-control and self-discipline.

These are nice traits to have for somebody who desires to reside a protracted and wholesome life. Studies have linked conscientious character varieties to more healthy consuming and extra bodily exercise.

Others have linked it to the avoidance of poor behaviors like smoking or extra alcohol consumption.

All of those components considerably lower an individual’s threat of struggling a number of well being issues, like most cancers, coronary heart illness, diabetes and extra.

What are the 5 character traits?

There are 5 main character traits acknowledged by psychologists and different well being specialists worldwide. These traits every symbolize a spread between two extremes, and every individual’s total character is a mix of the place they fall between the extremes inside every trait.


  • Openness represents the creativeness and broad ranging pursuits that an individual could have.
  • People who’ve very ‘open’ personalities are sometimes very artistic and really keen to attempt new issues.
  • They even have extra expansive imaginations and a better understanding of extra summary ideas than a majority of their friends.
  • Those who rating lowly on openness could have points with change or with understanding or accepting new concepts.
  • People who are usually not very open will usually dislike summary ideas and will have bother understanding much less tangible and extra theoretical concepts.


  • Conscientiousness is a illustration of purpose oriented, considerate habits. They are sometimes very targeted and nice and finishing duties they set their thoughts to.
  • People who rating properly on this trait usually spend extra time making ready for issues, are extra element oriented and can rapidly and effectively end duties.
  • They additionally work finest after they can function with a strict, inflexible, schedule.
  • Those who’re much less conscientious could wish to work exterior of typical schedules and buildings. 
  • They are additionally extra more likely to procrastinate, will generally fail to finish assigned duties and are typically extra disorganized than their friends.


  • Extroverts are extra outgoing, love consideration, and thrive off of being round different folks every day.
  • They are extra social and conversational. Their social circles are sometimes bigger and comprise wider reaching personalities and other people.
  • Impulsiveness can be a trait extra frequent amongst extroverts.
  • People who rating decrease on the size of extroversions are referred to as introverts. 
  • They usually want spending extra time alone and have much less of a social battery – which means they are going to usually get drained when compelled to socialize so much.
  • Introverts can usually have bother making buddies and can keep away from small discuss.
  • Unlike their introverted friends, they are going to usually keep away from being the focal point.


  • This character trait gauges an individual’s altruism and belief of others.
  • People who’re extra agreeable are typically kinder and extra empathetic than others. They, generally, take extra curiosity within the lives and considerations of different folks.
  • Agreeable folks will usually be extra keen to assist different folks – and can take enjoyment out of bettering their friends.
  • People with decrease agreeableness are sometimes much less empathetic and can usually not take care of others.
  • They present traits of narcissism, caring extra about themselves and others and manipulating different folks to get what they needed.
  • These folks may additionally be meaner, discovering themselves extra more likely to insult and belittle their friends. 


  • Neuroticism is a trait the place an individual is much less steady mentally and emotionally. They usually tend to expertise temper swings, disappointment, nervousness and different detrimental traits.
  • They are extra wired and can usually fear about many issues. As a consequence, in addition they get upset simpler and undergo extra nervousness.
  • They can have bother recovering from setbacks in life and different anxious occasions as properly.
  • People who are usually not neurotic are typically happier, extra emotionally steady, extra relaxed and don’t worry as a lot as their friends. 

A 2019 examine carried out by a Swiss analysis group discovered that individuals with conscientious-type personalities had decrease ranges of IL-6 biomarkers circulating all through their physique.

The analysis gathered knowledge from over 2,000 males between the ages of 40 and 82 years outdated, gauging each their character and their IL-6 ranges. 

It is believed that this implies their total threat of all-cause mortality is considerably lowered in comparison with their friends inside the different 4 varieties.

‘Conscientiousness appears to be inversely associated to persistent low-grade irritation as measured by IL-6 ranges, appropriate with safety from the cardiovascular threat,’ researchers wrote.

The intense perfectionism and thoroughness exhibited by some conscientious folks can generally go too far, although.

The character trait has been linked to obsessive compulsive character dysfunction, a doubtlessly debilitating situation in most critical instances.

‘The fundamental traits of the obsessive-compulsive character dysfunction (OCPD) are conscientiousness, perfectionism, conformism, and devotedness to work, which might be overvalued to the purpose of adversely affecting skilled productiveness and interpersonal relationships,’ specialists wrote in a 2001 version of the  International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences.

‘They dislike teamwork or delegating duties until the others conform precisely to their mind-set or appearing.

‘These individuals present a severity and rigidity each with themselves and with others which frequently interferes with social functioning. They are overconscientious, rigid, and rule-minded about issues of morality or ethics.’

Around two per cent of Americans are affected by OCPD or obsessive compulsive dysfunction (OCD) – with males twice as seemingly as ladies to be recognized.

Introverts have higher bodily well being however usually tend to battle mentally

Introverts, which make up the opposite estimated half of the inhabitants alongside extroverts, usually tend to maintain to themselves.

They are additionally extra more likely to be bodily match than others. Introverts have decrease charges of weight problems than their extra outgoing friends.

The earlier 2021 examine that linked extroversion to weight problems additionally discovered that those that scored decrease on the size had been much less more likely to be severely chubby. 

A 2013 examine from Cornell University discovered that introverted college students had been higher at gauging correct portion sizes than their extroverted friends – resulting in more healthy habits and fewer overeating.

Lower weight problems charges are linked to much less of a threat of creating coronary heart illness, diabetes, many sorts of cancers and a slew of different well being points.

The mechanism as for why introverts are much less more likely to be overweight couldn’t be decided however the Cornell researchers believed it may very well be associated to the sorts of social cues they understand.

For instance, of their examine the introverted college students had been extra more likely to abide by the usual portion dimension of the bowl they poured cereal into – whereas extroverts used their very own inside, and incorrect, judgement.

While they could be extra bodily match, introverts usually tend to undergo psychological well being points than their extroverted friends.

A 2001 University of North Carolina examine discovered that introverts usually tend to be neurotic – displaying decrease emotional stability and sensitivity in direction of others. 

This results in elevated dangers of affected by despair. 

Introverts are additionally much less more likely to be social and to be usually surrounded by others. These are additionally components that often drop an individual’s threat of affected by despair.

Mental well being points may also have a reverse have an effect on, making a potentially-extroverted one that is coping with despair or nervousness extra more likely to turn into introverted on account of their struggles.

Pessimists will keep away from accidents however their negativity could price them their hair

Pessimism is just not often thought-about to be an excellent character trait. The detrimental views on the world are linked to larger dangers of tension, despair and extra stress – together with all of the detrimental well being dangers related.

A detrimental purview may also trigger a person to lose his hair earlier in life, research have discovered.

An outdated examine from researchers in Tokyo, Japan, discovered that males who reported extra pessimism concerning the future had been extra more likely to have a receding hair line or thinning discovered round their head.

Researchers didn’t decide a mechanism, although. While stress is linked to some hair loss, it’s not tied to the male sample baldness that the Japanese analysis group was on the lookout for.

There can be an opportunity that it’s being attributable to a reverse have an effect on. Someone who’s shedding their hair sooner than their friends could have a worse view of the longer term forward.

Researchers additionally famous that hair loss was extra frequent amongst folks that had been chubby, smoked, drank extra alcohol and had worse diets.

A extra pessimistic outlook could have some advantages, although. They are sometimes extra cautious in life – as they worry the more serious when making selections.

As a consequence, research discover that they’re usually extra ready for catastrophe and different detrimental eventualities others will not be ready for.

They are additionally much less more likely to be injured or die in accidents as a result of they present extra warning of their day-to-day lives on common.

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