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CIA director says he warned Russian counterpart in opposition to utilizing nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William Burns stated in an interview aired Sunday that he warned Russia’s spy chief in opposition to utilizing a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, whereas the Kremlin additionally reportedly helps Iran bolster its weapons program. 

“The dialog that I had with Sergei Naryshkin, the pinnacle of Russia’s exterior intelligence service, was fairly dispiriting,” Burns stated in an interview aired on CBS’ “Face The Nation.” “My aim was to not speak about negotiations, that is one thing that Ukrainians are going to wish to take up with the Russians after they see match.”

“It was greater than anything, what the President requested me to do, which was to clarify to Naryshkin and thru him to President Putin, the intense penalties ought to Russia ever select to make use of a nuclear weapon of any type as properly,” he stated. “And I believe Naryshkin understood the seriousness of that concern and I believe President Putin has understood it as properly. I believe it is also been very useful that the Chinese management, that Prime Minister Modi in India have additionally made clear their opposition to any use of nuclear weapons.”

CBS host Margaret Brennan requested, “And you made clear to him {that a} nuclear weapon of any type, a tactical nuke on the battlefield, can be handled by the United States with the utmost severity?”


CIA Director William Burns said he warned Russia' spy chief against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. 

CIA Director William Burns stated he warned Russia’ spy chief in opposition to utilizing nuclear weapons in Ukraine.  (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“Absolutely, completely. And we have continued to make that very clear. And I believe that direct message goes to proceed to be vital, as are the messages that come from different world leaders, whether or not it is President Xi or anybody else,” the CIA director responded. 

“There was a really defiant angle on the a part of Mr. Naryshkin as properly, a way of cockiness and hubris,” he added of his talks with Naryshkin. “You know, a way, I believe, reflecting Putin’s personal view, his personal perception at the moment that he could make time work for him, that he believes he can grind down the Ukrainians that he can put on down our European allies, that political fatigue will ultimately set in. And in my expertise, Putin’s view of Americans, of us, has been that we’ve got consideration deficit dysfunction, and we’ll transfer on to another concern ultimately.”

“And so Putin, in some ways, I believe, believes at the moment that he can not win for some time, however he cannot afford to lose. I imply, that is his conviction. So as an alternative of searching for methods to both again down or discover a well-known off-ramp, , what Putin has performed is double down. At every occasion however, , what’s by any goal measure a strategic failure thus far for Russia,” he stated.


Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR RF Chief Sergey Naryshkin reportedly held a very "defiant" attitude in talks with CIA Director William Burns. 

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR RF Chief Sergey Naryshkin reportedly held a really “defiant” angle in talks with CIA Director William Burns.  (Contributor/Getty Images)

Asked if Beijing advantages from having the West distracted and concerned in a protracted battle in Europe, Burns stated, “there is no overseas chief who’s watched extra fastidiously Vladimir Putin’s expertise in Ukraine, the evolution of the battle, than Xi Jinping has.” 

“And I believe in some ways, he is been unsettled and sobered by what he is seen. I believe he was shocked by the very poor army efficiency of the Russians. I believe shocked additionally by the diploma of Western solidarity and help of Ukraine,” he added. 


CIA director William Burns said Russian President Vladimir Putin does not consider losing the war in Ukraine an option. 

CIA director William Burns stated Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t take into account shedding the battle in Ukraine an choice.  (ANATOLII STEPANOV/AFP through Getty Images)

While Burns expressed “severe concern” over China contemplating sending deadly gear to Russia, the CIA director additionally spoke in regards to the Russian and Iranian partnership. He stated Iranians have already supplied a whole lot of armed drones to the Russians in addition to ammunition for artillery and for tanks. In return, Russia is proposing to assist the Iranians with their missile program and likewise a minimum of contemplating the opportunity of offering fighter plane to Iran – one thing Burns stated creates added danger for Ukrainians and U.S. companions within the Middle East. 

“To the very best of our data, we do not consider that the Supreme Leader in Iran has but decided to renew the weaponization program that we choose that they suspended or stopped on the finish of 2003. But the opposite two legs of the stool, which means enrichment applications, they’ve clearly superior very far, , over the previous couple of years,” he stated.

“They’ve superior very far to the purpose the place it could solely be a matter of weeks earlier than they will enrich to 90 %, in the event that they selected to cross that line,” Burns advised Brennan. “And additionally by way of their missile techniques, their skill to ship a nuclear weapon, as soon as they developed it, has additionally been advancing as properly. So the reply to your query isn’t any, we do not see proof that they decided to renew that weaponization program. But the opposite dimensions of this problem, I believe, are rising at a worrisome tempo too.” 

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