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One Ceremony In The Proclamation Of The King That Hasn’t Changed In Centuries

By the time Charles was proclaimed king on September 10, 2022, the world had already known about it for about 48 hours. And by “the world” we literally mean the entire world; thanks to mass media and the internet, rare is the person who missed the memo that King Charles III was and is the new sovereign of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth Realms.

Of course, the internet only goes back about 50 years, and its wide-scale use only about 30; television only goes back about 100 years; radio only about 130 years; and mass printing only about 450 years. Prior to mass media, the only way to get a message out far and wide was to verbally deliver it, à la Paul Revere, to those who needed to hear the news.

As it turns out, that’s how they’ve been proclaiming the king or queen in Britain for 1,000 years, and that’s how they’re continuing to do it even though in 2022 it’s completely redundant and unnecessary. As The New York Times reports, sentries on horseback first visited Trafalgar Square to tell Londoners who might have missed the memo about their new king. From there they’re expected to deliver the message across the U.K. in the same way — on horseback.

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