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Senada Greca Shares Viral Chicken Avocado Mash Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Fitness trainer Senada Greca has another delicious recipe to share with her 4.4 million Instagram followers!

The Zentoa founder, who has trained Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities, has shared many recipes on social media, but her latest recipe is a viral hit!

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Shares Her Viral Recipe For Chicken Avocado Mash Stuffed Peppers

Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Shares Viral Chicken Avocado Mash Stuffed Peppers Recipe
Instagram | Senada Greca

In one of her latest Instagram videos, set to Selena Gomez’s hit song, “Single Soon,” Senada gives fans a look at how she prepares her viral recipe for Chicken Avocado Mash Stuffed Peppers, which she called one of her absolute favorite recipes to make. It’s especially easy to make since there is no baking involved, but Senada admits in the caption that fans can bake it if they so desire.

“You probably have all the ingredients for this in your fridge already, so make sure to Save, Make it, and Share with a friend that would love this,” she wrote in the caption, reminding her followers to check out her CrushIt! app to see all of her recipes in one place.

The recipe requires pre-cooked chicken, an avocado, a chopped onion, chopped tomato, cilantro, the juice of one lemon, and salt and pepper to taste, making it easy to add more seasonings or swap out/add other ingredients as desired. “These look amazing! Could sub chickpeas instead of chicken for a veggie version,” one fan commented.

“Can it be baked like in the oven?” another follower asked. “I can’t think of any reason why it can’t be baked or air fried. Let me think again… nope, no reason!” another fan replied. Senada said that it can be baked in the caption, but she did not provide any instructions on how to do so.

However, that isn’t stopping fans from heating them up anyway! “I’ve made these a couple of times with different additions, guacamole, and salsa are great. I then cook them on my pellet grill, very good with a little smoke flavor!” another fan ventured while another follower said they made a vegan version of this dish yesterday!

Senada Makes Sure To Fuel Her Body The Right Way Before Hitting The Gym!

Senada knows that she has to fuel her body In the right way in order to get her stellar physique. In one of her latest exercise demonstrations, she showed her followers how to work their upper body and their abs at the gym in eight different exercises.

Throughout the slides in her Instagram carousel, she shows her fans how to do static lunge rows, single arm lateral raises, and short bar shoulder presses to show her followers how to work their abs and their upper body in a single gym session.

Saturday August 26, 2023 - Senada Greca talks training Kim Kardashian
Instagram Stories | Senada Greca

“Here’s another example of one of my Upper and Abs Days. I do this type of workout 2 times a week. A strong upper body is crucial, so don’t ignore it now to only play catch up later on,” she wrote in the caption of this Instagram post.

“How in the world do you deal with the soreness that comes with lifting weights?” one fan asked. “You get used to it. You eat properly so you don’t get as sore. You train properly and recover,” Senada replied. Other fans praised her “beautiful form” and noted that her “reps are so controlled’ with each exercise she performs.

Fitness Trainer Senada Greca
Instagram | Senada Greca

“Your control with some of these combos is AMAZING,” one fan commented. “Thanks, lovely,” Senada replied. “So beautiful I never get bored watching you,” another follower chimed in. “So kind. Thank you lovely,” Senada responded. One fan tagged another follower, asking, “Should we try this next lift?” Senada replied, “Yes! Crush it!” along with a flex emoji.

Interested in more Senada Greca content? In another recent Instagram post, she showed her followers how she works out on the beach when she doesn’t have any equipment around. She actually got soaked in the ocean waves while holding a squat and didn’t break her form once! Fans can check out her motivational exercise demonstrations and more workouts by clicking here!

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