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The Reason Kelly Ripa Blacked Out After Sleeping With Husband

TV personality Kelly Ripa has divulged some info on her sex life with her husband, actor Mark Consuelos.

The seasoned Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host has recently been balancing many tasks. She is getting ready for a tour to promote her new book Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories while also being the host of the ABC quiz show “Generation Gap.”

Ahead of the book’s debut, some details about Ripa’s sex life with Consuelos have made the headlines. The actress said that while having intercourse with her spouse, she had a brief loss of consciousness. She only afterward realized that the scenario occurred due to two cysts developing on her ovaries.

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Kelly Ripa Said ‘Sex Can Be So Traumatic’

Celebrities outside Wall StreetCelebrities outside Wall Street

In a preview of her upcoming opus, “Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories,” Ripa recounted an instance when she was having an early morning rump with Consuelos but “passed out” during the session.

Per Haute Living, the incident happened six months after the pair had their first child. Apparently, it was not due to her experiencing an intense orgasm but was caused by a health-related issue.

The actress wrote in her book that she remembered waking up in the hospital to the information that she had two ovarian cysts, which had caused her to lose consciousness.

Kelly Ripa and Mark ConsuelosKelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
Instagram/Kelly Ripa

Speaking of that moment when she heard the news, the 51-year-old wrote, “Sex can be so traumatic, I think, and yet one of us is completely undaunted. There he is, happily munching on the saltines now and ordering a second apple juice.”

She added, “Mark could be at a movie, or a spa, instead, I’m flat on my back wondering when the other two cysts will burst.”

‘He Dressed Me Like A Dime Store Prostitute’

Ripa also joked (via Haute Living)that the cloth her husband put on her when he rushed her to the hospital was inappropriate at the time,

Kelly Ripa and Mark ConsuelosKelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

“He dressed me like a dime store prostitute in my time of need.” she wrote, per the publication. “It’s still baffling to me to this day that this is the best costume for the day that he could find for me, to the point where, when I was on the stretcher, I thought I was dreaming; I was having a nightmare.”

The actress’ humorous detail about her sex life is sure to whet the appetite of fans ahead of the book’s release. However, in retrospect, the journey to completing the work was long and arduous.

“I wasn’t sure if I could even write — and I’m still extremely unconvinced — because I found the entire process to be overwhelming and exhausting, especially with the editing,” she admitted.

Kelly Ripa’s ‘Live Wire’ Debuts On September 27

Kelly Ripa 92nd Academy AwardsKelly Ripa 92nd Academy Awards

Ripa hasn’t let her thoughts about being unconvinced by the work stop her from “shamelessly” promoting it. She recently took to Instagram to share a post that advertised the book, which debuts on September 27.

She wrote. “A shameless plug inside a shameless plug for my forthcoming book: Live Wire! Long-Winded, Short Stories. Courtesy of Haute Living’s September issue. Thank you

The actress previously posted another tale from the book. This time, it mentioned her quirky connection with her mother and hinted at several tidbits about how to remain beautiful, which she had gleaned from her over time.

“Mom has always danced to a different beauty beat. Read her hot takes on alternative methods to anti-aging. Hint: no glasses required,” Ripa captioned the post.

Kelly Ripa Is Hosting ‘Generation Gap’

While the tv personality’s upcoming book launch definitely has her quite busy, Ripa juggles it with other projects, including her hosting gig on the ABC trivia show, “Generation Gap.”

In the show, children are partnered with senior citizens—typically their grandparents—to answer questions on both past and present pop culture. A new automobile or a toy geared at younger children are the two potential grand prizes that the winning team’s family’s youngest member can choose.

“Generation Gap” is produced by award-winning producer Jimmy Kimmel. It is exec produced by Kimmel, Ripa, and an array of other talented individuals. Since its debut, it has garnered an incredibly huge viewership and received positive reviews. The next episode airs on ABC on September 15.

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