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Will There Be a ‘Westworld’ Season 5 on HBO?

Westworld Season 4 ended as Westworld seasons often do, with twists and turns and A.I. characters dying and coming back from the dead. But now that the dust has settled on the fourth season of the HBO show, we have to wonder: what happens next? Will there be a Westworld Season 5?

Westworld Season 4 opened about seven years after the events of Westworld Season 3. It seemed that Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul) had succeeded in freeing humanity from the Delos Corporation’s lies. Rehoboam, a super computer that controlled everyone’s lives, was destroyed. However after these seven years of peace, Dolores/Hale (Tessa Thompson) and a host version of the Man in Black (Ed Harris) hatch an evil plan to control humans like hosts were and to replace dissenting humans with straight up versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Bernard (Jeffery Wright) comes back online in the future to help Caleb’s grown up daughter (Aurora Perrineau) fight Dolores/Hale. Oh, and there’s a new character named Christina (Evan Rachel Wood), who doesn’t quite understand the power she has within her own world. It’s a lot. It’s confusing. It’s all very Westworld.

So is the saga that is Westworld officially over? Or will there be a Westworld Season 5? Here’s everything we know so far about Westworld Season 5…

Ed Harris and Tessa Thompson in Westworld Season 4
Photo: HBO

Will There Be a Westworld Season 5?

While Westworld Season 5 has not been officially ordered yet by HBO, it’s been widely understood that the showrunners intend for there to be a fifth and final season. Westworld star Ed Harris confirmed that was the plan in a Hollywood Reporter interview for Season 4, saying, “We have one more season, which will start filming next April and May. I have no idea where that’s going to end up.”

So the stars of Westworld have been told to be ready to film Season 5 in spring 2023. But is that official? Is it possible that HBO could cancel the series after four seasons?

While the plan is for there to be a Westworld Season 5, the overnight ratings for Season 4 have been consistently dismal. So it’s possible that Warner Bros. Discovery’s new executives — businessmen who weren’t around when the lavish show was greenlit — might scrap the final season. Or maybe not! Maybe it’s Westworld forever!

After all, Westworld Season 4 ends with Dolores’s consciousness being uploaded by Hale into the Sublime. Dolores/Christina decides to create one last game to test if hosts and humanity deserve to live on in the Sublime. That game? A new version of the original Westworld park where Dolores’s memories of people will try one last time to get it right.

When Will Westworld Season 5 Premiere on HBO?

If HBO does renew Westworld for a fifth season, the earliest we could expect to see it is probably two years in the future. The series, with its VFX-heavy production, takes about two years to make a season. Furthermore, Ed Harris seemed to confirm this by noting that filming wouldn’t start until April or May 2023.

So if Westworld Season 5 does come to HBO, it will have a 2024 release date.

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