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After Ozzy Osbourne’s Health Took A Turn For The Worse He Revealed His Final Wish


  • Ozzy Osbourne’s final wish is to perform one last concert.
  • Despite his health challenges, Osbourne remains optimistic and wants to continue working.
  • Osbourne’s recent solo albums have been critically and commercially successful.

Music legend Ozzy Osbourne has been one of the most recognizable names in rock ‘n’ roll since the 1970s when he fronted Black Sabbath. After being let go by the band in 1979, Osbourne pursued a successful solo career and remained a prominent figure in the industry. Osbourne’s solo work, including rock staples such as “Crazy Train”, earned him multiple generations of fans.

In January 2023, Osbourne announced that he was retiring from touring due to health challenges, despite spending a considerable amount of money on treatments. The singer announced a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis in 2020, according to BBC. Since retiring from touring and recognizing his mortality, Osbourne has been reflective of his life and career and revealed his final wish in a November 2023 Rolling Stones interview.

What Is Ozzy Osbourne’s Final Wish Before He Passes Away?

Ozzy Osbourne, who had to put touring behind him in early 2023, has chosen to prioritize his health and wellness. While Osbourne’s condition is progressive, the singer has tried to maintain a positive outlook. “I’m getting pissed off reading the papers and they’re saying things like ‘Ozzy is fighting his last battle’”, Osbourne explained candidly in the Rolling Stones interview. Osbourne, while optimistic about his health battles, has suffered great pain from the condition and knows it will take his life one day.


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With time on his hands and a legendary career to reflect on, Osbourne’s core feelings are appreciation. “I never got the chance to say goodbye or thank you. My fans are what it’s all about”, he shared. Osbourne, despite his over five decades of worldwide fame, has remained humble. More so, he has thought a lot about his fans as he battles his health challenges. “They’ve been loyal to me for [explicit] years. They write to me, they know all about my dogs. It’s my extended family really, and they give us the lifestyle we have.”

Ozzy Osborne at Tribeca Film Festival in New York
Via: Instar 

In this spirit, Osbourne shared that his final wish is to perform one last amazing concert to thank his fans for their years of support. In his November 2023 Rolling Stones interview, he revealed his final wish to the world:

“If I can’t continue doing shows on a regular basis, I just want to be well enough to do one show where I can say, ‘Hi guys, thanks so much for my life.’ That’s what I’m working towards, and If I drop down dead at the end of it, I’ll die a happy man.”

Osbourne’s goal is a thoughtful one, though far from surprising. He has consistently recognized his fans throughout his career, and found such enjoyment in performing live. Osbourne described retiring from touring as “like saying farewell to the best relationship of my life.” If Osbourne is ever able to accomplish his final wish, it could help him close a significant chapter in his life. He could feel more at peace about how his touring career ended, and in turn, could focus more energy on his well-being.


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When asked if he will ever perform live again one day, Osbourne simply said that he is “taking it one day at a time, and if I can perform again, I will.” For Osbourne and his legions of fans around the world, hopefully, his final wish comes true.

What Projects Did Ozzy Osbourne Work On Before His Retirement From Touring?

Ozzy Osbourne has remained active in the music industry in the 2000s, 2010s, and early 2020s. As of December 2023, he has released two solo studio albums in the 2020s including:

  • “Ordinary Man” (2020)
  • “Patient Number 9” (2022)

Both albums were critically and commercially successful and demonstrated that Osbourne, despite his age, is still a great rock ‘n’ roll performer. “Patient Number 9” won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, according to Pitchfork. The singer, while a 1970s rock icon, has allowed himself to evolve. This has helped him to stay musically relevant in the modern era. Osbourne has never rested on his laurels and has enjoyed creating new music for fans to enjoy. He has experimented in the studio and has utilized new technologies.

Ozzy Osbourne Sharon Osbourne 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year Gala
Via: Depositphotos

In 2013, Black Sabbath reunited for a new album, “13”, which featured Osbourne on lead vocals. The record, which was produced by acclaimed producer, Rick Rubin, who once helped revive the career of Johnny Cash, reached a No. 1 position in multiple countries and even won a Grammy. In support of the album, Black Sabbath embarked on one final tour, The End, which had more than 80 stops around the world. Black Sabbath’s reunion was a huge occasion for fans and was celebrated by the music industry.


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Osbourne began his No More Tours II concert tour in 2018. However, many shows had to be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 and his health challenges. As of December 2023, Osbourne’s “last full concert” was at the Ozzfest 2018 New Year’s Eve Bash, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Osbourne officially retired from performing in January 2023.

Ozzy Osbourne at signing ceremony for name star Vegas Crocus City Mall
Via: Depositphotos

While Osbourne has retired from touring, he is planning on releasing another album of new material, according to Forbes. “I’ve done two albums fairly recently, but I want to do one more album,”, Osbourne explained in an interview.

“…I want to take my time with this one.”

Despite Osbourne’s health challenges, he does not see a clear end for his career and wants to continue working in some capacity until he no longer is able to.

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