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Brian May backs Carol Vorderman in campaign against the Tories as he issues urgent plea

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Queen musician Brian May took to social media today to publicly back Carol Vorderman, following the LBC presenter’s latest claims about the Tory government. The guitarist issued an urgent plea to his fans to remember the “corruption” that has been present in the Conservative party ahead of the general election.

While a date has not been confirmed for this year’s general election, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he expects to call it “in the second half” of 2024. The votes will most likely be to determine whether Sunak remains PM or whether Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will take his place.

May re-shared a video from Vorderman, where she made several claims about government “scandals” in association with the Good Law Project. Addressing his 3.3 million Instagram followers, he wrote: “Dear folks – i’m re-posting this because, as we begin to lurch towards the next general election, I want you all to be fully aware of the staggering depth of corruption in the behaviour of the current Tory Government.”

The star went on to voice his fears that the public might forget what he described as the “wreckage” that has been caused following years of Conservative leadership. “We must never forget the wreckage this government has brought down on Britain,” he pleaded.

“Boris’s dire mishandling of Covid, acting too little too late, bringing about the unnecessary death of so many of our old folks, the still-unfolding disaster of Brexit, Sunak’s blatant lie about bringing in green energy and then licensing billions of pounds profit-making oil pumping in the North Sea …

“And the endless corruption now being exposed by Vorderman and others,” he added. May then went on to highlight the efforts of hard-working conservative politicians.

While Sunak’s government has faced scrutiny over the past few years, Starmer has also faced criticism over his role in the Post Office scandal, his plans to stop Channel crossings and his praise of Margaret Thatcher.

“I feel sad for those few Tories who are decent and have helped us with our campaigns for animals,” he acknowledged.

“But in truth the TORY GOVERNMENT has given us nothing in the last 12 years to help our cause of decency.

“This government will hang on to power until the last second – that’s what they’re best at – but, when election time finally comes, this awful self-seeking bunch must be sent packing forever.


May’s post comes after Vorderman once again hit out at the Conservative government earlier this week, claiming they wasted “billions on unusable PPE”.

She has been an outspoken critic of the Tory government for many years, so much so that she was no longer able to present her show on BBC Radio Wales due to the broadcaster’s strict impartiality guidelines.

While some of Brian’s fans supported his take on Carol’s video, others weighed in to also criticise Starmer.

Francine wrote: “Well said Brian. But unfortunately, Sir Keir is a Tory too.. And a Judas!” (sic)

While Gavin agreed: “Labour will be no better!! They are all cut from the same cloth. Nothing will change under Labour.”

Despite another challenging week, the Tories have rallied in the weekly tracker poll after 48 hours of Labour chaos, as Conservatives cut Labour’s lead by two points from last week.

Nevertheless, they still face a vast 20-point deficit and the prospect of the worst election defeat in their 346-year history.

However, after Starmer ditched his biggest economic policy of £28 billion a year to fund his green plan, and took another U-turn on abolishing the Lords, thing appear to have turned around somewhat.

The Techne UK tracker poll for Express.co.uk put the Conservatives up one to 24 per cent and Labour down one to 44 per cent.

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