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Fans Applauded Lady Gaga For Refusing To Answer An Interview Question About Her Sexuality


  • Lady Gaga faced intrusive and offensive questions about her music and gender during interviews throughout her career.
  • Gaga expressed frustration with double standards in the music industry, where male artists are celebrated for provocative behavior while female artists face judgment.
  • Gaga’s “Born This Way” album was a response to questions about her identity and struggle to exist as herself between fantasy and reality. She emphasized that her social involvement and music are genuine, but she keeps parts of herself private.

Lady Gaga debuted in 2008 with the release of her debut album “The Fame.” However, it was a title that proved to be prophetic, because Gaga would soon rise to fame and take over the pop world.

Her records would sell in the millions and she would develop a legion of devoted fans around the world.

However, with fame also comes rumors that aren’t always comfortable. One of those rumors had to do with her gender. While Gaga later addressed the rumor during an interview with Anderson Cooper, another interview showed Gaga refusing to even answer the question.

Lady Gaga Once Refused To Answer A Question Regarding Her Gender During Her First Tour

Lady Gaga has dealt with intrusive and offensive questions during interviews from the very beginning of her career. In 2009, she was asked if she was “scared” if the sexual references in her songs would “undermine” her music.

“I’m not scared, are you scared?” Gaga asked while mentioning she had already scored three number one hits and already sold nearly four million albums.

“You see, if I was a guy and I was sitting here with a cigarette in my hands grabbing my crotch talking about how I make music because I like fast cars and f****** girls, you’d call me a rock star,” she continued. “But when I do it in my music and videos, because I’m a female and I make pop music, you’re judgmental and say it’s distracting. I’m just a rock star.”

During the same interview, Gaga added that the gay community has been the biggest thrill of her career so far. When asked why, she said, “‘Cause I love them so much. Because they don’t ask me questions like that. Because they love sexual, strong women who speak their mind.”

Gaga’s dedication to the LGBTQ+ community might have been part of the reason rumors of her being intersex began to surface. That same year, Gaga was bluntly asked by a CNN reporter how she felt about the rumors.

Gaga was silent for several seconds before saying, “I’m not even going to answer that question.”

Later that year, Gaga was asked during a press conference whether she “has a penis or not.”

“You know, my beautiful vagina is very offended by that question,” she responded.


How Madonna And Lady Gaga Drove Everyone Crazy Preparing For Their Saturday Night Live Skit

Lady Gaga revealed that she and Madonna were “quite militant about rehearsals” during “Saturday Night Live.”

In 2011, Gaga gave an answer to the question when speaking to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes. Cooper mentioned the rumor and how she talked about it on stage, poking fun at the speculation.

“Maybe I do. Would it be so terrible?” Gaga responded. “Why the hell am I going to waste my time and give a press release about whether or not I have a penis? My fans don’t care and neither do I.”

Lady Gaga Said That Her ‘Born This Way’ Album Was Her Response To Many Questions Others Had About Her

When Gaga released the single “Born This Way” in 2011, she was subjected to a tidal wave of media headlines. Very few had to do with the song’s subject and everything to do with its similarities to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

The song itself had an inclusive message that spoke to many within the LGBTQ+ community. Its theme of self-love and self-acceptance was liberating for much of the young audience who considered Gaga a role model.


Gaga herself stated that the “Born This Way” album would expand on that theme. She told Metro that the songs have become her response to many questions the public had about her.

“‘Born This Way’ is my answer to many questions over the years: Who are you? What are you about? … The most paramount theme on the record is me struggling to understand how I can exist as myself as someone who lives halfway between fantasy and reality all the time,” she said.

The journalist asked Gaga if she used her personality to sell her music, and she responded, “It’s kind of like saying, ‘Are you honest? Do you have integrity? Are you full of s***?’ But listen, my social involvement for equality and gay rights, as well as my music, is completely genuine. But I don’t think I ever want everyone to ever know fully who or what I am.”


Lady Gaga Once Left Stephen Colbert Speechless After The Host Asked Her This Question

Stephen Colbert was at a loss for words after Lady Gaga gave an answer he wasn’t expecting.

“Part of what I’m doing is asking you to look inside yourself, to ask yourself questions. I have a close relationship with my family. I’m very close with my fans and I’m in tune with what they want. And I’m in tune with myself, too. At the end of the day, I have to look myself in the mirror and I’m proud of everything I stand for.”

She continues, “I have no reason to do or say anything unless it comes from my soul. I work very hard. I don’t party very much. You don’t see me falling out of nightclubs and buying Range Rovers. Social justice and music are the two most paramount things in my life and I can’t put it more plainly.”

Lady Gaga Tore Up Letterman’s Notes After Getting ‘Fed Up’ With His Line Of Questioning

As part of her promotional tour for the “Born This Way” album, Gaga made several appearances during the week of its release. One of those appearances was on the Late Show with David Letterman.


During the interview, Letterman asked Gaga about her entrance to the Grammys in an egg vessel. He also read off a list of rumors and asked Gaga whether they were true or not. When he asked her if she ate the head of a Barbie doll on stage, she said it was true. When Letterman protested her answer, Gaga tore up his notes and put them in her mouth.


Lady Gaga Wasn’t Happy With David Letterman’s Questions And Shocked The Host With Her Reaction

Lady Gaga made an infamous appearance on David Letterman’s show which shocked even the host himself.

“I’m just so fed up with all of it,” Gaga said. Letterman pleaded with Gaga to spit them out, saying, “You won’t be out of the egg for months!” After chewing the paper for a bit, Gaga spit it out behind her chair.

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