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Fox’s $375 million deal with Tom Brady starts next year and he will likely call the Super Bowl

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  • Tom Brady is set to make his debut as an announcer in 2024 and is expected to call the Super Bowl in his rookie season.
  • Brady will likely replace Greg Olsen as Fox’s lead color analyst and has been preparing for the role with guidance from Nantz and Romo.
  • The move to broadcasting is a common path for ex-quarterbacks like Romo, who have found success in analyzing plays and providing commentary.

CBS’s lead announcers, Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, are getting high praise for their presentation of Super Bowl LVIII. In 2025, the game will be moved to the Fox channel, where it is likely that next year’s game will be called by none other than all-time great quarterback Tom Brady.

The quarterback had initially signed his deal with Fox in 2023, noting that the 10-year $375 million deal would start once his playing career had come to an end. While he did not play during the 2023 season, Brady chose to delay his time with Fox. He recently confirmed that 2024 would be his first season as an announcer.


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Brady Will Likely Call The League’s Biggest Game In His Rookie Announcing Season

He is expected to replace Greg Olsen as Fox’s lead color analyst

Tom Brady on Jimmy Fallon
via NBC

While Brady has never worked as an announcer before, he is well-versed in the game. He has also had plenty of opportunities to show off his personality during his two-plus decades in the NFL, and it is expected that his transition to broadcasting will work out well.

Greg Olsen, another football star turned broadcaster, has acted as Fox’s top football analyst over the last two seasons, and he is regarded as one of the league’s best. That didn’t prevent the network from seeking out Brady as soon as his playing career ended. Olsen is expected to leave for another network where he could remain a top analyst.


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Brady’s path is similar to that of Tony Romo. Romo, also an ex-quarterback, was given the top analyst job at CBS in his first year as a broadcaster. Romo has been hugely successful in the booth, earning praise for his ability to diagnose plays. Last night’s Super Bowl was the third he has worked as an analyst.

The former quarterback might not have been in the booth this year, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working on his craft. Both Nantz and Romo have said that they often talk to Brady about the job, and he is preparing as if he would when he was a player. Romo told The Athletic:

I think it was a genius decision by him to wait a year coming out and prepare himself. He’s going to do a great job. I think he’s going to be outstanding.


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