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Howard Stern Eviscerated A Fan When Asked About Artie Lange


  • Howard Stern’s falling-out with Artie Lange sparked a heated exchange with a calle.
  • The caller accused Stern of having a lack of content since Lange’s exit.
  • Since leaving the show in 2009, Artie Lange has struggled with addiction and legal issues.

Despite being one of the richest radio hosts in the world, much of Howard Stern‘s success is owed to his on-air staffers. First and foremost, this includes co-host Robin Quivers. However, many old-school Stern Show fans adored comedian Artie Lange the most.

Artie Lange left The Stern Show in December 2009 after a failed attempt on his own life. The edgy comedian has battled drug addiction and mental health issues for decades. But that hasn’t stopped fans from loving his comedy and his sidekick role on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

Howard Stern and Artie Lange had a major falling out after the comedian’s issues took center stage. This sparked a feud between them as well as a refusal from the radio host to even speak about his former colleague. But shortly after Lange departed, a caller challenged Stern on this very subject…

Howard Stern Was Furious At A Caller When Asked About What Happened To Artie Lange

In 2010, mere months after Artie Lange had the tragic incident that caused him to be released from his SiriusXM contract, a caller named Dina brought up his absence on the air. However, her first gripe was Stern frequently speaking about American Idol during the show.

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At the time, there was talk about Stern replacing Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol. This was long before unsubstantiated rumors swirled about Cowell firing and replacing Stern as a judge on America’s Got Talent. Given the media attention on Cowell leaving the job that made him famous and Stern being a possible replacement, it made sense why the former shock jock would speak about it on air. But some listeners, including Dina, weren’t interested and aggressively complained.

“I’m not sure you’re point. Should I stop talking about the fact they are talking about me replacing Simon or — I’m not sure what you’re saying?” Stern asked.

“Either take the job or don’t take it. I just wish you’d quit f***ing talking about it,” Dina said to Stern with his co-host, Robin Quivers, laughing in the background.

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“Dina, I got to disagree with you. I think it is the greatest ever that there is –“

“You know what it really is? It’s you missing Artie Lange.”

There was notable silence as Lange’s name was invoked. More importantly, Stern was clearly upset when Dina claimed that he had a “lack of content” since his departure.

At the time, little was known about Lange after the failed attempt on his own life.

Artie Lange nose before and after
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“Certainly, I miss Artie, but I don’t think that it’s that. I just think that it’s fantastic,” Stern responded trying to remain calm. But he completely lost it as Dina continued to press him as well as suggested that she had been “bamboozled”. Dina claimed that she had shelled out on her SiriusXM subscription to hear Artie Lange and barely experienced him before he left the show. Instead, according to Dina, she had to hear about American Idol.

“First of all, the nerve of your f***ing a** to call me and tell me your f***ing problem! F*** off! Get lost! Take your stupid subscription and cancel. Who cares!?”

As Stern became more heated, so did Dina who screamed, “Do your audience a favor!”

“I’ll do my audience whatever I want. I’ll p*** on this audience if I want!”

“I am not the only one who wants to know what’s going on with Artie!”

“Listen! If you want an update on Artie, say, ‘Howard, can you give me an update on Artie?’ And what makes you think I have an update on Artie, you witch!?” Stern said as Dina continuously talked over him. “And listen to your shrill voice!”

“You have a voice like a seal!”

Things became even more elevated when Stern started claiming that no man would want to stay with someone like Dina because of her voice. In response, Dina insulted Stern’s wife Beth for her “emaciated body”.

“Beth has a perfect body. One that you could only dream of! Beth’s body is so perfect that she was a bikini model, you f***nut! How dare you criticize my wife’s body!”

Howard Stern's Wife Beth Refuses To Be Buried Alongside Him When He Dies
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“You don’t have to tear me down,” Dina said.

“I’m tearing you down. Your voice is obnoxious. You have an obnoxious way about you. If you think that talking about American Idol is boring, so go listen to something else and cancel your subscription.”

“I’m a fan of yours!”

“No, you’re not. You’re no fan of mine. And I’m no fan of yours. Cancel. I want you to cancel,” Stern said before claiming he wanted to reimburse her money and ban her from the show. “I’d send you $500 tomorrow to get you off my f***ing line!”

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Stern then claimed it was crazy for anyone to even ask him to give an Artie Lange update given the lack of communication between the two of them.

“Who do you think is calling me about Artie!? Artie’s got his own problems. I bet it stems form women like you!”

It was about this time when Stern hung up on Dina. But he continued to rattle on about her call to Robin Quivers and his audience for a few minutes after the conflict ended. Ultimately, Stern understood why audience members would be wondering about Lange’s health, but he loathed the way in which Dina demanded to know.

How Is Artie Lange Doing?

Since his exit from The Howard Stern Show at the end of 2009, Artie Lange has gone through periods where it’s seemed he dropped off the face of the Earth. Periodically, he would pop up. But since 2010, Lange’s issues with addiction have persisted, according to the NY Post. This includes more than one arrest for breaking his probation.

  • Lange was arrested in 2017.
  • Lange spent 2 months in jail in 2019.
Artie Lange's Most Offensive Interview Of All Time Wasn't Even On The Howard Stern Show
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During the 2010s, Lange also appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and Opie and Anthony’s show. During his appearances, he openedly bashed his former colleague. However, Lange’s feelings about Stern have changed since the release of the radio host’s third book, “Howard Stern Comes Again”. Around its release, Lange praised Stern for supporting him for the years that he did.

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Aside from an Instagram post or two, Artie Lange has largely been silent since 2021. However, in March 2023, Labge’s longtime friend Jimmy Palumbo shared an update on the health and happiness of the edgy comedian.

[Artie is] doing OK. He’s sober. He’s just trying to put it all together right now. Get himself healthy and have a clear mind. And he’s just not really doing anything, any public appearances,” Jimmy Palumbo said, according to SILivecom.

“But I do talk to him. I talked to his mother and his sister. And, you know, he’s just kind of put it all together,” Palumbo continued. “So, I’m hopeful that soon, you’re going see Artie Lange again. He’s still got a fastball left. I pray for him. I wish him well.”

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