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Jeremy Renner Risked His Relationship With Daughter Ava According To His Ex-Wife’s Accusations


  • Jeremy Rennestarred in a Silk commercial with his daughter during the 2024 Super Bowl.
  • His ex-wife accused him of terrible things that included his daughter.
  • Jeremy Renner values his relationship with his daughter, making their appearance in the Silk commercial even more special.

Beloved for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jeremy Renner‘s life changed forever in January 2023 when he got into a snowplow accident. The crash affected his career since he had to take a step back and make healing a priority. Now he is feeling great and even starring in a commercial for Silk that will air during the 2024 Super Bowl.

What makes this commercial even more special and memorable? The fact that he appears in it alongside his 10-year-old daughter Ava Berlin Renner. Fans are curious about how often Jeremy Renner sees his child considering the tough divorce he went through. As it turns out, his ex-wife made an intense and serious accusation about his behavior toward Ava.

What Did Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco Accuse Him Of?

In 2019, Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco fought for custody of their daughter Ava Berlin Renner. According to People, she is the one who filed for divorce. In 2015, joint custody was agreed upon, and Jeremy would give his ex-wife monthly child support payments of $13,000. As he made more money, though, that number increased to $200,000 in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Things got worse between the former couple when, in September 2019, Sonni Pacheco wanted sole custody of Ava. She accused him of placing a gun into his mouth when Ava was there and attempting to end her life. She also made one incredibly serious accusation involving their daughter.

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Page Six reported that Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife Sonni Pacheco said that he bit their daughter Ava. As court documents from October of that year said, Ava allegedly said “Daddy bit me. It’s OK Mommy, it was an accident. I told him to never do it again.”


Jeremy Renner Flat-Out Refused To Help Negotiate Equal Pay For His Female Co-Stars

Jeremy Renner was clear that he did not want to participate in helping his female co-stars negotiate for more money to star in films.

The court documents included an e-mail from Jeremy Renner where he allegedly said that Ava had a bruise from a seatbelt. He reportedly wrote in the e-mail, “Ha. No. We do a nibble game called Ava burrito. Haha. But not a bite. Tell her she’s spicy. And the game ensues. Haha. Nibble game are fake nibbles.”

When asked about some of the things that his ex-wife said about him in an interview with Men’s Health, Jeremy Renner said:

“I don’t respond publicly or privately to nonsense. It only empowers it. . . . If you respond to it, you give it gas. I don’t fuel sh*t fires. I just don’t do it. I refuse to.”

There is no evidence that Sonni Pacheco’s comments were true. The following year, in 2020, Jeremy Renner said that Pacheco allegedly removed close to $50,000 from a trust fund allocated for Ava. According to People, he said that she used $32,000 to pay for her lawyers.

Dave Navarro and Sonni Pacheco at an event

While these allegations are of course disturbing, there has been no proof that Jeremy Renner has anything but a healthy and loving relationship with his daughter Ava Berlin Renner.


Critics Say There’s More Than One Reason Why They Hate Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner might be a Marvel hero, but not everyone likes him, even after watching him struggle after his snowplow accident.

According to E! News, when on the red carpet talking about his TV series Rennervations, he shared that he wanted to get better because of Ava. He said, “My daughter, for sure, number one. And then my family, and then my will. It’s like, well, if I was going to go, I guess, it’s one or the other. There’s no alternative to like, ‘Alright, I’m going to be living so, let’s go really live and get it done.’ So there’s no alternative. I have to kind of do something.”

Sonni Pacheco And Jeremy Renner’s Relationship Timeline

Key Dates (According to Us Weekly)

Pacheco gave birth to their daughter Ava Berlin Renner


got married


Pacheco filed for divorce


their divorce was official


Jeremy is always incredibly loving towards Ava. According to The Independent, he wrote a song called “Wait” and said that it was for her. He said, “You are the best part of me. Your grace, your thoughtfulness, and your constitution make me so very proud.”

Jeremy Renner And Daughter Ava Berlin Renner Starred In A Silk 2024 Super Bowl Commercial Together

Jeremy Renner and Ava Berlin Renner’s Silk Super Bowl commercial sees the father and daughter having fun while enjoying the plant-based milk. It’s a charming commercial that features the actor singing the song “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown.

Jeremy Renner

While it might not be a surprise to see a celebrity and their kid in a Super Bowl ad since that is bound to be adorable, this commercial felt personal to Jeremy because of what he has gone through. As he explained to People, he made protein smoothies with Silk after his terrible snowplow crash. He said, “[Silk is] all about wellness, and I’ve gotten pretty into that because it’s forced upon me as a part of a lifestyle, which is great. I’ve become so healthy now.”

The actor shared more details in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and explained that since his jaw was broken, it was hard to make sure that he was eating healthy. Making smoothies with Silk almond milk was incredibly helpful. He called the ad’s concept “wonderful” and explained that Silk brought the concept to him without being aware of how meaningful it would be.


Jeremy Renner Nearly Died While Filming This Movie (And He Doesn’t Regret It)

Jeremy Renner is one tough actor, and even though he nearly died during one filming experience, he has zero regrets from the experience.

Jeremy talked more about the Silk ad in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in February 2024. He explained that it was a moving experience:

“I had somebody to get better for — this little girl. And then, here we are, with Silk, getting to celebrate this, man. This feels deep, spiritually and emotionally for us; my entire family.”

As Jeremy Renner told Entertainment Tonight, starring in a Super Bowl commercial is an honor that he doesn’t take lightly.

Jeremy Renner with a smile on his face
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He said, “I had a commercial career, then I got a movie star career. I never had an ad in the big game… I’ll be watching this one, and I’m so stoked, because they’re sometimes the highlight of the Super Bowl. Some games aren’t always the greatest, but the ads are always the greatest. It’s nice to be part of that, thinking [I can] check that off the box of things I want to do in my life.”

While watching Jeremy Renner and Ava Berlin Renner’s 2024 Super Bowl Silk ad would no doubt be charming no matter what, knowing the story behind it makes it even sweeter.

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