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Kerry Katona shares health fears after daughter’s ‘fainting’ led to hospital dash for MRI

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Kerry Katona has admitted she’s filled with anxiety after a series of “terrifying” fainting episodes meant her daughter had to be rushed to hospital for an MRI scan.

The 43-year-old mum-of-five dotes on Dylan-Jorge, also known as DJ, who only has one surviving biological parent after her dad, George Kay, died in 2019.

She has now confided that she is experiencing an anxious wait for a neurosurgeon to deliver the results of her MRI.

Talking in her column for OK! Magazine, the former Atomic Kitten singer agonised: “I have health anxiety when it comes to DJ. I worry about her, especially recently as she’s had a few fainting spells.”

She went on to add that her doctor had “found something” in her scan, and sent his findings to an expert surgeon to analyse.

Fortunately, she added that the GP “seems to think she’s alright” and that the issue could be quite a common one.

“He said lots of us could have what she has but we’ve just not had MRIs,” she explained.

Her latest round of fainting spells follow a “terrifying” episode during a family holiday in Turkey earlier this year.

DJ’s eyes had become vacant, before rolling back in her head, as she eventually collapsed and vomitted, leaving a fearful Kerry to seek medical attention.

A doctor told her that her little girl had suffered low blood pressure due to the heat.

Now, however, Kerry’s fears have been intensified by learning of the death of The Wright Stuff star Annabel Giles.

The star died aged 64, just four months after being diagnosed with stage four brain cancer, which also killed The Wanted’s Tom Parker last year.

Kerry admitted she was “really scared” when she heard the news – and she is also nervous about undergoing plastic surgery after being told her nose is “collapsing”.

As part of her recent health overhaul, Kerry also went for a mammogram to rule out breast cancer after finding a lump.

Fortunately, it turned out not to be cancerous, and she’s since revealed that it was merely a damaged area relating to a previous surgery.

Unsurprisingly, with all the stressful issues she’s experiencing, Kerry has been suffering panic attacks, causing her to struggle with her breathing.

However, she told fans she’s addressing it with therapy, as she’s “not ashamed to ask for help”.

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