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Matt Damon Applauded Bono’s Son Elijah Hewson For “Scoffing” At His Dad’s Suggestion To Change One Of His Songs


  • Matt Damon applauds Bono’s son, Elijah Hewson’s decision to reject his father’s advice and stick with his own instincts for his band, Inhaler.
  • Damon compares Hewson’s decision to his own experience of resisting input and doing things his own way while writing Good Will Hunting.
  • Inhaler, fronted by Elijah Hewson, has gained praise and recognition from both fans and celebrities like Damon for their music.

Matt Damon is a successful actor and writer. Along with his friend Ben Affleck, Damon won an Oscar for Best Screenplay for their film Good Will Hunting, which both appeared in.

Damon is also a music fan, and while he appreciates music, he’s not one of the several actors who are also surprisingly good musicians.

The legendary band U2 has been making hits for decades, and is one band which has never split up throughout the years. However, there’s another band Damon has discovered, which shares a connection with U2.


Bono’s Daughter Eve Hewson Had No Interest In Asking Her Dad For Singing Advice During The Film Flora And Son

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Star Matt Damon has made no secret that he’s also a big fan of Bono’s son, Elijah Hewson’s own band, Inhaler. Considering the notable success Bono has had with U2, it’s likely he might offer his son musical advice every once in a while. But when Bono suggested his son make changes to a song, Hewson “scoffed” at the idea, a decision Inhaler fan Matt Damon applauded.

Matt Damon Has Called Bono’s Son’s Band, Inhaler, “Epic”

Inhaler performing
Via: Instar

While many stars have kids who prefer life outside of Hollywood, and pursue jobs not in the public eye, other children of celebrities follow in their famous parents’ footsteps, displaying various talents of their own.

U2 frontman Bono’s son, Elijah Hewson, decided to follow a path similar to his world-famous father. Hewson is the frontman for Dublin-based band Inhaler, which also includes members Robert Keating, Ryan McMahon and Josh Jenkinson.

Although Inhaler hasn’t quite reached the level of fame U2 has, Inhaler has several fans, and one major star who has voiced his love for their music is none other than actor Matt Damon. During an interview on Radio X HQ, the star praised the band, and seemed to urge others to listen to their music.

During the interview he was asked “about his favorite bands, and who he liked right now,” Damon took the opportunity to speak about the band he’s been enjoying. Grinning broadly, the Saving Private Ryan actor seemed thrilled to discuss Inhaler, a band he’s into, one in which Bono’s son, Elijah Hewson is also in.

He answered, “Do you know who’s great? Have you guys been listening to Inhaler? Those guys are epic. Bono’s son. They’re so fantastic. They’re so great.”


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Inhaler also eventually found support from Hewson’s father and U2 frontman, Bono, although his dad had some initial trouble accepting Hewson’s chosen career path. Discussing how his dad didn’t initially support his dreams in an interview with GQ, he revealed, “At the beginning they weren’t really [supportive]. I mean they wanted me to go to college, you know, like all of our parents, I think they just kind of saw that I loved it and that we were good.”

He added, “I think that was the main thing. I think if we weren’t good, they would have instantly told us to give it up and go to school. They’ve been supportive now, they really have,” per NME.

Bono’s Son, Elijah Hewson, “Scoffed” At His Dad’s Suggestion To Change One Of His Songs

Elijah Hewson has worked to create his own style for his band, even though he is following a similar career path to his dad, U2’s Bono. When Bono suggested Hewson change certain song lyrics for Inhaler’s Ice Cream Sundae, Hewson decided against taking his advice and following his own instincts.

Instead of taking the Pride singer’s advice, Bono’s son “scoffed at the suggestion,” and, believing in his song and lyrics, didn’t make the changes his dad suggested.

Revealing the changes Bono had wanted to make to one of Inhaler’s songs, Ice Cream Sundae, “I talked to Bono about it a couple of years ago and he had me laughing. Because he said, there’s a song that they wrote called, Ice Cream Sundae, and the first line is, “I’m in the pursuit of happiness, I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get it.’ The second vse starts, (song plays) ‘I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get it.’ And Bono said to him, ‘You can’t start the second verse with the same line as the first verse.’”

Recalling Bono’s son’s answer to his dad’s critique, Elijah Hewson simply responded, “And his son was like, ‘Yeah, okay dad.’” This caused explosive laughter from the interviewer and Damon as he remembered the story. The Bourne Identity actor also compared the critique Hewson faced to what he’d faced while he and Ben Affleck wrote Good Will Hunting.

Matt Damon Compared Elijah Hewson’s Decision To A Pivotal Moment In His Career

The Last Duel Photocall at the 78th Venice International Film Festival
Via: Instar

Damon compared the musician’s decision to not take his father’s advice to similar moments he faced while he and Ben Affleck worked on the script for Good Will Hunting, which for certain reasons was almost never made. He said others wanted to add input to the Oscar-winning screenplay, but they’d wanted to do things their way.


How Close Is Bono To His Daughter Eve Hewson?

Bono’s “little troublemaker” is not so little anymore. But that doesn’t mean she’s stopped causing trouble.

Damon stated, “Because when we wrote Good Will Hunting, everyone was like, ‘These scenes are too long. You can’t write scenes that are this long. It’s that thing that the next generation comes in, and goes like, ‘No, we’re doing it this way.’”

Damon revealed his and Affleck’s answer had been similar to Bono’s son, and The Martian said they’d responded, “We’re like, ‘Yeah, okay. You know what I mean?” It appears he applauded Elijah Hewson’s decision to want to keep his lyrics the same for his music. After all, Hewson is working on carving out his own path. While any advice from his famous father is likely to be appreciated, Inhaler has its own particular style.

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