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Nischa Shah – Accountant, YouTuber | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career, Facts, Awards, Nationality

Quick Facts

Born Nischa Shah; 1994, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Education Finance, Accounting and Management
Occupation YouTuber, investor; previously worked as an investment banker
Website nischa.me
YouTube channel ‘Nischa’
Years active on YouTube 2021-present
Genre Finance, self-development, business
Subscribers 939K
Net worth Undisclosed
Residence London

Nischa Shah is a well-known YouTuber, an accountant, and a financial guru. On YouTube, she has 939K subscribers under the name “Nischa.” She worked as an investment banker before.

How much is the Net worth of Nischa Shah?

Nischa Shah is an accountant, Youtuber, Financial Guru. There is not exact information about her net worth in 2024. But it can be estimated that her net worth is in millions of dollars.

Nischa Shah Net worth 2024 Via MSN

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Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings and Education

In the UK, Nischa Shah was born in 1994 into a joint family. Her mother grew up in an Indian village where she was born. The father of Nischa was born in Uganda. Her parents immigrated to the UK in the early 1980s as first-generation immigrants and had to start over.

Her mother works as an employee, and her father is an entrepreneur. Nischa is the sister of two. A nerd for business and finance Nischa has always been fascinated by money.

She had a great relationship with her father growing up, and they would often discuss business, finance, money, and entrepreneurship over dinner, which sparked her interest in these topics. She subsequently showed a flair for finance and entrepreneurship as a result of these chats.

Nischa’s mother used to leave for work, so when she was a child, her father would take care of her and her sister. Nischa was raised primarily in the back of her father’s transit van, where she went to his business meetings and watched other people go about their business.

Despite the business-oriented environment surrounding her, she was the nerdy and industrious member of the family. Nischa later got a position in banking, but at the time she only intended to stay there for a few years before quitting to launch her own company.

Education: School, College & University

She received her education at London, England’s The Latymer School. Here, Nischa received 9A*-As in her GCSEs and completed A-Levels in math, economics, and media. Though she did some filming and shooting as a hobby for her A-Level Media at the time, she had no idea that she would eventually become a YouTuber.

Nischa later enrolled in the University of Nottingham in Nottingham, England, where she studied finance, accounting, and management for three years as an undergraduate. She is a chartered accountant with ICAEW qualification.

Professional Career of Nischa Shah:

During her school years and first year of university, Nischa worked as a model. However, she eventually stopped modeling to concentrate on finance, business, and entrepreneurship.

She applied to several summer internships during her second year of college, particularly for middle office positions that could support the ACA qualification, and she was granted sponsorship to finish her accountancy degree.

After appearing in the client magazine and sharing her story about empowering and inspiring millennials, Nischa received an offer from Deutsche Bank and relocated to the front office. From August 2013 to January 2018, she was an Associate in Deutsche Bank’s structural trade and export finance department.

Subsequently, in April 2018, Nischa began working for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in London as a Vice President of Capital Markets. She then left her job to concentrate on running her other enterprises and YouTube channel.


Nischa maintains a journal, and at the end of each year, she evaluates herself and jots down her goals for the next year. In 2021, she included the topic, “What would I want to experience in life if time and money weren’t an issue?” in her Law of Attraction Planner.

What's Your Biggest Career Mistake? | Nischa Shah - YouTube
What’s Your Biggest Career Mistake? | Nischa Shah – YouTube

One of the numerous responses was to pursue her passions while using her fundamental abilities to inspire and encourage others. Afterwards, Nischa discovered the numerous advantages of launching a podcast or YouTube channel after reading “The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.”

She also felt at her lowest point ever at the time, even though she was succeeding at her day job. She didn’t love it, thought her work was unfulfilling, and was exhausted both physically and mentally from working there. Nischa decided to give something entirely different a shot, thus on December 4, 2021, she launched her YouTube channel, “Nischa.”

Having worked in finance for a long time, she has a solid understanding of business and has learned a lot. She made the decision to use her channel to share her learnings with the public and to inspire and influence others.

Nischa chose to teach finance in plainer terms while also making money from her YouTube channel after noticing a dearth of financial films free of jargon and complexity.

Her first video, which was released on December 14, 2021, is about property investing. She used to conduct property investing on the side and make money through rental properties. Many of her friends were interested in learning more, so she decided to share this information. Nischa used her YouTube account as a way to unwind after work.

Did she Quit her job for entrepreneurship?

She lost one of her close team members who had been employed for almost 20 years. Nischa became discouraged upon realizing that the firm owed her nothing more than a paycheck.

Even though she was promoted at the time, she was unable to celebrate because she believed that while she might have been lucky this time, she might not always be fortunate or be able to hold down her work.

Nischa also came to the realization that her earnings are directly correlated with her time, and that she can only work as hard as she can for someone else. As a result, she desired financial independence and greater control over her finances.

Best Books on Money, Investing, and Personal Finance: Accountant
Nischa Shah Photo Via Business Insider

Her first few years in a corporate profession were only partially satisfying and intellectually engaging, and as time went on, she began to feel dissatisfied with her work, which had a negative impact on her mental health. Nischa enrolled in therapy, and at the second appointment, her therapist recommended that she consult a life coach.

However, after returning home, she spent a few days by herself reflecting on her life and trying to figure out why she was unhappy. She came to the conclusion that she was simply working for her salary and social standing and had no passion in her work.


Nischa opted to keep working on her YouTube channel, classes, and workshops, teaching people about finances, after realizing that her passion was motivating others through financial education.

Although it was obvious to her that she couldn’t continue doing her day job, she didn’t quit right away since she was saving her paycheck for other side projects, an emergency fund, and investments in gold, stocks, and index funds.

Nischa finally made the decision to leave her employment and devote herself full-time to entrepreneurship when her earnings from side gigs equaled her fixed costs and she was also bringing in an extra £3,000.

She therefore left her job in investment banking in 2023 after nine years of employment. She felt confident enough to leave her day job because she was childless and had an emergency fund that would last her nine months in case something went wrong.

When Nischa resigned, she forewent a 6-figure bonus—the biggest bonus of her career—as well as an 84% salary drop from her $300,000 banking job because she was afraid that accepting the incentive would force her to put off leaving her work and pursue her passion for a few more years.

 Nischa Shah
Nischa Shah Photo Via Business Insider

She began to make six figures from her enterprises in 2023. It all worked out for Nischa, who ended up making more money in a year as a full-time entrepreneur than she had at the end of her nine-year banking job. Her income now is significantly larger than it was in the banking industry.

A Successful YouTuber

On September 3, 2022, she released a video titled “A Day In My Life As An Investment Banker.” It quickly became popular and helped her get a large number of YouTube subscribers. Nischa made the decision to work on her channel for a long time because of the success of this video.

She had 150K Instagram followers as of February 2024, and 939K YouTube subscribers. Nischa makes money on YouTube through a range of channels, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and ads. She has a group assisting her in running her channel. Nischa has a website.

Book recommendations

She reads a lot, and these are some books she suggests you check out.-

  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich
  • The 4-Hour Workweek (this book helped her to balance her side hustles whilst working at her full-time job)
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Lean In

Personal Life of Nischa Shah:

Other than the fact that she is in a relationship, Nischa hasn’t spoken much about her personal life. She keeps a lot of journals and is an introvert. Nischa is a London resident.

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