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Stacey Solomon asks fans to settle debate after yelling at ‘annoying’ husband Joe Swash

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Stacey Solomon has been at the end of her tether with husband Joe Swash due to his habit of clogging up the dishwasher with half-eaten plates of food. The visibly disgusted Sort Your Life Out star exclaimed that she would end up picking “weeks-old food” out of the filter.

She plucked a noodle off the plate to demonstrate, angrily asking Joe: “Where is this going to go?” Her former EastEnders star husband responded he had total faith in the dishwasher tablets, but Stacey wasn’t happy – and she took to Instagram to urge fans to “settle an argument for me” on whether or not to rinse.

“Go on!” Joe hit back spiritedly, only for her to jokingly snub him by insisting: “Not you – I’m asking my real friends! So I just made dinner and I made a stirfry and it’s got all the sauce left on the plate. Joe just wants to shove it all in the dishwasher with bits of noodle and sauce on it. It’s called a dishwasher – I’m not washing them!” she exclaimed in frustration.

“I’m just dipping them in some water, getting all the rubbish off and THEN we put them in the dishwasher.” However, Joe seemed unconvinced, shrugging her idea off with the words: “Ah, listen, if that’s the way you wanna do it…”

He added that he “totally believes” in the dishwasher tablets. Stacey shot back: “I don’t care what any dishwasher tablet wants to tell you, it’s not going to dissolve food that’s left on the plate.

“That food is going to go into the filter and then I’ve got to pick out weeks-old food into the filter when it gets all clogged up,” she continued.

“I believe in [the tablets to get the dishes shiny and clean but they don’t dissolve the food and all the remnants that are left on there.

“You’ll have a bowl of cereal and there’ll be half a bowl left on the plate and he just dumps it in the dishwasher and then I have to pick out Frosties from the filter!

“[Then] who has to pick that up? Muggins over here! Dishwasher-picker!”

“You’re annoying me!” she fumed, before calming down enough to crack a joke, chuckling: “I know what I like to put in there… That sounds a bit rude!”

The Loose Women star hasn’t yet shared reactions to her Instagram story, after publishing it to her 5.8 million followers.

However, some might find the mum-of-five’s struggles relatable as she listed the issues she’s had with her husband’s kitchen hygiene.

Meanwhile, she and Joe had a happier time earlier in the week when it came to celebrating their youngest child Belle’s first birthday.

In a gushing online tribute, Stacey described her daughter as “the sweetest, kindest, caring, joyful, little soul”, adding: “Having the privilege of being your mummy is the best gift in the world!”

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