Angelina Jolie’s highly speculated mystery tattoo design revealed

Forget about a dagger to the heart, this is a dagger to the hand.

Angelina Jolie’s highly speculated mystery tattoo design revealed, after tattoo artist Mr. K teased her mysterious middle finger art on Instagram.

Mr. K, who has also tattooed Matt Damon, Michael J. Fox, Doja Cat and more, left fans wondering if it was a reference to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

However, he fought back against the accusations and clarified in the comments that her ink was “NOTHING” related to the “Fight Club” actor. 

Alas, paparazzi pictures of Jolie, 48, taken earlier this week show that the tat isn’t a direct message to her ex-husband at all, but rather a small dagger designed to look like it’s piercing her skin.

The “Hackers” star has been a longtime lover of sharp symbols and has her own an extensive knife collection, which she revealed in 2008 is due to a family tradition, saying that her mother took her to buy her first daggers when she was 11 or 12 years old.

angelina jolie
The philanthropist was photographed leaving her brand Atelier Jolie’s new studio space.

angelina jolie tattoo
The tattoo on the underside of her middle finger appears to be a small dagger.

Despite having a plethora of meaningful tattoos — including a matching quote from poet Rumi with Pitt, coordinating Buddhist symbols drawn from the same ink, and coordinates of the places their six children were born — none have been a tribute to her love of all things pointy up until now. 

Back in 2003, Jolie spoke to ABC News about her obsession with the weaponry and her collection.

“They are not shiny, brand-new sharp knives from the store. They’re antique beautiful knives from other countries, and they are locked in a case so my son does not touch them,” she said.

angelina jolie tattoo
Fans went wild wondering what the message blurred out read.

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angelina jolie
The “Gia” actress is a longtime fan of tattoos and knives.
AFP via Getty Images

Jolie also opened up about her past of self-harm and knife use. “I had knives around…early on in my first sexual relationship, I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other,” Jolie said, adding, “It didn’t hurt, it was cold, and it felt so primitive and it felt so honest.”

Jolie has yet to share the dagger’s meaning with her followers on Instagram and Mr. K promised fans he would share a close-up look at the design soon enough.

Perhaps the sharp object’s deeper meaning will be revealed as well.

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