Ben Stiller’s Children Have Grown Up To Be Stunning

Ella and Quinlin Stiller found a love of reading from a young age, which was encouraged by their father. “She likes these chapter books where she can read a page or two, and then I’ll read a page, or my wife will read a page,” Ben Stiller told Chicago Parent of his young daughter. “But, it’s fun, though, because she’s reading on her own, so it’s good.”

In the same interview, he spoke of Quinlin, who loved his father telling him stories, particularly ones involving Thomas the Tank Engine. “He knows all the Thomas trains and all the names of the trains, which there are a lot of them, so he likes to have stories told to him that involve the Thomas trains, and the hard thing is remembering the names of all the trains because he knows them inside and out,” Ben said about his son’s impressive memory. He also compared reading books to his children and how it was like acting. “You know, you just sort of have to commit fully, and you don’t care because you know the audience, and you want them to be happy, and kids love to be told stories, my son, especially,” he said. The veteran actor’s kids are too grown up for bedtime stories now, but it’s likely a memory they cherish from their childhood.

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