Brian Austin Green reveals the text he sent Megan Fox after ‘vulnerable’ co-parenting podcast episode

Brian Austin Green is spilling the tea about what goes on behind-the-scenes of his new “Old·ish” podcast.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, the newly engaged “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum admitted that he didn’t get permission from exes Megan Fox or Vanessa Marcil before filming the no-holds-barred episode about co-parenting.

“No, no. I reached out to [Megan] afterwards,” explained Green, who co-hosts the iHeartRadio podcast with fiancée Sharna Burgess and longtime pal Randy Spelling.

“I said to her in a text, I just said, ‘Hey, just to let you know, I discussed our co-parenting in our podcast. I’m sorry if you didn’t want that.’”

Green, 50, reiterated to Page Six that he tried to keep the podcast conversation positive, in an attempt to help others who may be going through a similar situation.

A photo of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox
Brian Austin Green spoke to Page Six about the conversation he had with Megan Fox following the co-parenting episode of his new “Old·ish” podcast.

A photo of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green with their three kids
The exes share three kids: Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 7.

“We’re not in the business of shaming people. We collectively, the three of us, try and take as much responsibility for our lives as we can, as well,” he explained, noting that they don’t plan “too far” ahead when picking out topics to explore on the podcast.

“So we’re not just sitting here trying to point the finger and talk about our personal stories. We’re trying to make our stories collective stories.”

Throughout the Sept. 19 episode, Green discussed his blended family and personal experience with co-parenting in the public eye. He shares sons Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 7, with Fox, Kassius, 21, with Marcil and Zane, 1, with Burgess.

A photo of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.
“We co-parent really well together,” Green said of Fox, whom he married in 2010.
Getty Images for Jaguar

A photo of Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil
He also co-parents son Kassius with ex Vanessa Marcil.

“We coparent really well together,” he said of Fox, marveling over how “incredibly fortunate” they are to have an amicable relationship.

“When we need to, we communicate really well, we are open to things, we don’t take things personally. It is my goal, and I think it’s her goal as well, that the kids are in as healthy [of an] environment as they can be in.”

Burgess chimed in, adding, “We are lucky because we have a great relationship. I think what’s so important is we have made that a priority, for us to be able to interact and have a great time.”

A photo of Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green
Green is now engaged to “Dancing With the Stars” alum Sharna Burgess.
Getty Images

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess
The two share a 1-year-old son named Zane.
Stephen Greathouse/Shutterstock

Green also shared that his co-parenting experience with Fox has been a lot different from his more “difficult” one with Marcil, who claimed she raised Kassius by herself after the actor “cut” him out of his life amid his recovery from vertigo.

“We ran into roadblocks with Vanessa at literally every turn,” he explained, denying Marcil’s hurtful allegations.

“It would’ve meant so much if Vanessa had decided, ‘Hey, I’m going to make sure while you’re going through this that your son can still get to your house and see you.’ That would’ve just made an incredible difference in the situation. But that’s not what went down, that’s not how it happened.”

A photo of Sharna Burgess with Brian Austin Green’s kids
“We are lucky because we have a great relationship,” Burgess said of her own friendship with Fox.

Green dated Marcil, 54, from 1999 to 2003. He married Fox, 37, in 2010 but the two called it quits in 2020. The “Jennifer’s body” star has since moved on with rocker Machine Gun Kelly, while Green has been dating Burgess since 2020.

The actor revealed earlier this week that he secretly proposed to the former “Dancing With the Stars” pro during his surprise 50th birthday bash in July.

“He proposed to me,” Burgess shared on the “Breaking News” episode of their podcast. “We’ve been engaged for a minute. We’ve been engaged for like two months.”

A photo of Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess speaking to Page Six
Burgess and Green co-host their new podcast with pal Randy Spelling.
Page Six

A photo of Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess talking to Page Six
“The three of us try and take as much responsibility for our lives as we can,” Green told Page Six about the stories they plan to share on future episodes.
Page Six

Meanwhile, Spelling has also had to consider the pros and cons of committing to such an honest podcast, given how famous his family is. The life coach, 44, told Page Six that the conversations he’s had with his mom, Candy Spelling, and his sister, Tori Spelling, have all been great thus far.

“I don’t think there was any worry. Both my sister and my mom, they know me. They know my integrity and where I come from. And the point of what I’m doing, what we’re doing, is to help people collectively talk about these things,” he shared.

“As [Sharna and Brian] said, it’s not about just calling people out and just making headlines for the sake of sharing those details. So, yeah, I think everyone was on board and excited for this venture.”

Randy Spelling, Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess on the red carpet in las vegas
Their co-host is also in the public eye, as he’s the son of Candy Spelling and brother of Tori Spelling.
Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Randy is aware that stories about his inner circle may come up organically, but told us it’s important for listeners to understand both sides.

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“We are going to mention people, it is going to come up, because these are actors and actresses in our movies, so to speak, in our sphere. But there is always another side. So even if we say something and it’s our experience, leave it open that the other person has a different experience,” he urged.

“I think that’s so important these days when everything is so polarized, is that you could hear one thing and then people get irate and upset because they go, ‘Oh, well, this is truth.’ That is that person’s truth and that’s their experience.”

Aaron Spelling, Candy Spelling, Tori Spelling pose together with Randy Spelling
“I don’t think there was any worry,” Randy said of his family’s reaction to him committing to a podcast.
Getty Images

As for whether Fox, MGK, Candy or Tori will make an appearance on “Old·ish” any time soon?

“I think we’ll look at having guests at some point for sure. I think naturally we will,” Burgess teased.

“We’ve only just started and we’ve certainly talked about having guests. We were talking the other day about some of our people in our circle, like, ‘Who would we bring on?’ It would have to make sense for the subject that we are talking about, right? Not just for the sake of it being a person that people may know.”

Burgess added that she certainly has “a lot of people” in mind that “have been through a lot” of life.

“There is a lot to share there, if they’re willing,” she said. “So absolutely, in the future, they’ll be guests. But as of right now, we haven’t locked in people.”

Randy Spelling with mom Candy and sister Tori
Viewers will have to stay tuned to see whether Candy or Tori will make an appearance on the pod.
Getty Images

The podcast hosts told Page Six that one of the next episodes will tackle addiction, with Randy telling a personal story that many people – including Green and Burgess – did not know about until now.

“We were all just discovering this for the first time and holding space for each other,” Randy teased. “It got a little emotional.”

Fans can listen to “Old·ish” on the iHeartRadio app or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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