Heidi Klum reveals the ‘very strategic’ reason she’s always showing skin

Hanz and Franz are out to play.

A peek at Heidi Klum’s Instagram account reveals plenty of topless pics, and while the German supermodel loves to show off some skin, she told People on Thursday that there’s a simple reason behind her bikini bottom-only looks.

“I’m super comfortable naked today. To the point where my kids are like, ‘Mom, I have a friend coming over,’” Klum, 50, told the magazine.

“As soon as someone is coming, I put my top on,” she shared. “But if no one is there, sun’s out, bums out. I just don’t like tan lines because I wear so many different outfits. I don’t want to have straps anywhere from tan lines. It’s very strategic.”

The “America’s Got Talent” judge,” who covers the Fall 2023 issue of People StyleWatch, also likes a bit of a bare look when it comes to her TV gig.

Heidi Klum
Klum loves to post topless photos sunbathing on her Instagram.

“When I do AGT, most of the time I sit behind a desk, so it’s really from the waist up. So I look for something that is of interest around here. And usually, I like to have Hans and Franz on a good display,” she said, referring to her breasts.

Plus, Klum, 50, says husband Tom Kaulitz prefers her “blond, with bangs, and in miniskirts” — “So easy to keep him happy,” she quips.

One thing that falls into the more-is-more category for the “Project Runway” alum is clothing, admitting she’s a hoarder when it comes to her closet.

Heidi Klum
The host says her husband Tom Kaulitz prefers her in skimpy clothing.
Heidi Klum / Instagram

“I have a really hard time throwing things away, because I know I’m going to wear this again at some point, and I do,” she said, also attributing her habit to not coming “from a lot of money.”

In contrast, the model’s 19-year-old daughter, Leni Klum, doesn’t seem to have any problem getting rid of clothing.

“She’s just easy to give things away, but I think it’s because she’s always had so many things, and I didn’t,” Heidi mused.

Heidi Klum
“If no one is there, sun’s out, bums out,” Klum told People StyleWatch.

The college student — who has starred with her mom in two Intimissimi lingerie campaigns — told People she takes advantage of her mom’s tendency to hold onto things.

“I have stolen, though I like to say ‘borrowed,’ many things from my mom, but my all-time favorite thing I’ve ‘borrowed’ is her black Chanel bag.”

Heidi also brought her maximalist attitude to the Victoria’s Secret runway, telling the magazine that she never minded wearing the famous angel wings for the retailer’s annual runway show.

“I would go to the top, and I’d be like, ‘Why am I having these small wings? I want bigger wings,’” she revealed, adding, “for me it was always like a moment; this is the VS show. Everyone is watching. I don’t want little chicken wings. I want the biggest wings you could possibly have, and I wore them proudly.” 

Heidi Klum
The model says she likes her assets to be on display, no matter what she’s wearing.

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As for her fit figure, the “Germany’s Next Top Model” judge and executive producer shared her anger over a false report that she eats only 900 calories a day —  a claim she denied this summer.

Klum said she “was very upset about” the story in the sense that it could impact her fans, “where they possibly could get ill from following something stupid that someone made up.”

“I’m not a calorie counter,” she shared. “I never have. I’ve always been lucky that I’ve never had that obsession to count calories or whatever.” 

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