Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine Struggled Having A Famous Father As A Kid

Attending high school can be a rough experience for many teens, but for Jasmine Jordan, it was even more challenging as the daughter of one of the NBA’s most prolific players.  However, as she planned for her college career at Syracuse University, Jasmine was involuntarily thrust into the spotlight. She ended up going viral by accident due to a harmless now-deleted tweet.

“I tweeted that I was going to Syracuse University, and at that time, I didn’t have that many followers, so I didn’t think much of it. A local media outlet picked up my tweet and ran it as if it were an interview, and I was pissed! I was extremely upset because it was like — first off, I didn’t do an interview, and secondly, you just took my tweet and spun a story I had no say in. It was frustrating because once I arrived on campus, I had to deal with stares from everyone. I was being judged and talked about before I even had a chance to ask a question in class,” Jasmine explained during a July 2018 interview with InStyle. 

Thankfully, supportive professors helped her navigate the challenges. Jasmine obtained a degree in Sports Management from Syracuse University in 2014. From there, she began carving out a career strategy that set her apart from her famous dad while still helping to run his brand.

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