The Story Behind B&B Star Kimberlin Brown’s Run For Congress

Sheila Carter for president? Well, maybe not. But her portrayer, “The Bold and the Beautiful” actor Kimberlin Brown, did get her name on the ballot back in 2018. That’s because she ran for California’s 36th congressional district as a member of the Republican party. Even though Brown didn’t have any previous political experience, nor had she ever run for a public office before, the daytime television star still wanted to make a difference in her community and state. She challenged her opponent, Democrat Raul Ruiz, on the state’s gas and tax hike that year. According to the Desert Sun, Brown argued, “They say they’re for the middle class, and yet who does this tax affect the most? The middle class. The top one percent — they can afford that tax hike.”

Brown even defended her support for presidential candidate Donald Trump at the time, telling CNN that she stood by him, despite the backlash she was receiving. Trump must have liked what he saw in the soap star because Brown even received a prime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in 2016, per Fortune.

Post source: The List

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