The Stunning Transformation Of One Day Star Ambika Mod

As fans of “One Day” may know, Emma Morley, the main character, is from Yorkshire, a county in the north of England — and the accent isn’t exactly an easy one to get right. In 2011, Anne Hathaway played the role in the film version of the novel, and many fans weren’t too impressed by her attempt at the regional dialect. In fact, at the time, she was lambasted by fans and critics alike for her inconsistent accent work in the film.

Naturally, Ambika Mod, who grew up in the southern part of England, was anxious to get the accent right. And apparently, it required a fair amount of work. “If you see my audition tapes, I can’t do the Yorkshire accent,” she told HuffPost UK. “I couldn’t do it.” However, that all changed after she started working with Natalie Grady, an accent coach. By the sounds of things, the process was very, very intensive. 

“We were militant — we met, like, three times a week, hour-and-a-half sessions, we went through every single sound,” she said. “I learned a really, really strong, authentic Leeds accent, and then we pared it down and found an accent that felt really truthful to Emma and where she was in episode one, and then we tapered it from then on. But yeah, it took a village, for sure. I definitely didn’t just do it on my own. But I’m very glad that people think it’s OK.”

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