DJ Khaled’s love for golf reaching new heights with every round: ‘I want to go pro’

Ask anybody, and they will tell you: Golf is hard, but it can be extremely addictive.

The feeling of striping a drive down the middle of the fairway, hitting an approach shot flush to stick it close to the pin and knocking down birdie putts are all reasons why pros and amateurs alike keep coming back to the golf course.

For music mogul and philanthropist DJ Khaled, golf has basically become a full-time job. His love for the game has been on full display on social media, and he says he doesn’t go a day without getting out on the course.

Much like everything he’s done in his life, he’s shooting for the stars with his golf game.

DJ Khaled in front of microphone

DJ Khaled is seen during the live taping of SiriusXM’s “Gold Minds With Kevin Hart” at the SiriusXM Miami studio on June 3, 2023. (Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

“I want to go pro,” he told Fox News Digital over the phone while giving back to the Miami community with Fanatics’ Merch Madness Fan Gear Giveaway on Tuesday morning.

“The reason why I say that is, if for some reason I don’t go pro, I want to be able to play in some real big matches.”

Of course, Khaled has a ways to go to reach the pro level, but his relentless positivity in a sport full of frustrations is inspiring.


“Golf is a beautiful sport,” he said. “Golf is like life: It’s not easy, but it’s beautiful. Every day, you try to perfect [your game]. You’re battling yourself to be greater and greater every day on the course. It’s a special addiction because just the way you hit the ball, and you get that sound, you want to keep getting that same love every time you hit the ball.

“I loved it when I was kid, but now it’s a full-time thing to me. You have to add golfer beside my name now because I am a true golfer now.”

If you take a glance at his social media pages, you’ll see his usual boisterous personality explode when he hits a good shot, especially when he smacks his driver “right down the middle,” which is normally what he screams.

Sure, it may not be typical golf etiquette, but Khaled isn’t going to change who he is on the course. His excitement and pure joy can’t be contained.

It’s also brought out his natural want to give back to the community.

“I want to enjoy it, but at the same time bring awareness of golf for the young world, for the kids. I want them to know about this game, this sport and how beautiful it is,” he said.

DJ Khaled poses

DJ Khaled attends the 2023 Fanatics Super Bowl Party at Biltmore Hotel on February 11, 2023, in Phoenix. (Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

A prime example is Khaled joining NBA All-Star Steph Curry and his Underrated Golf Tour, which is committed to providing equal opportunity and access to the game for student-athletes from every community. He was seen hyping up the young golfers with one of his now-signature drives, while taking in some of the talent on the course during the tournament.

“They were 13, 14, 15 years old, and they were already playing like pros,” Khaled said. “I was looking at the future. So, it’s inspiring to see what golf has done to myself, that I’m inspired by it. But I’m inspired to be able to share my love to the kids and the young world. Hopefully, [they] can embrace it and feel the joy I’m feeling.”

Khaled is also a Ryder Cup ambassador for this year’s event that’s set for the end of September. Though he will be admiring the best in the game from around the world in that event, his first big match is also on the books.

Khaled’s We The Best Foundation is set to host its inaugural celebrity golf tournament on July 20 in Miami, which Jordan Brand is sponsoring. He’s pulled out all the stops with celebrities, athletes and golf influencers galore attending the event, including Michael Vick, Odell Beckham Jr., Kenny Smith and Shannon Sharpe, to place his philanthropic footprint on the game he adores.

Even the 2023 PGA Championship “people’s champion,” Michael Block, committed to playing in the event as well.

“Great golf for a great cause,” as Khaled put it.


With 35.1 million followers on Instagram, the game of golf is being watched and learned through Khaled’s eyes. And the usual slamming of clubs and rough moments of the game aren’t on the screen – he’s truly loving every second on the course.

Of course, there’s much to improve in his game, which he told Fox News Digital is the “consistency of right down the middle from the drive.” But he’s encouraged by his short game and putting skills.

It’s the growth of his game – just like every other golfer who picked up a set of clubs for the first time – that has him locked in for life.

DJ Khaled smiles

DJ Khaled attends Game 3 of the NBA Finals on June 7, 2023, at Kaseya Center in Miami. (Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images)

“That’s what makes me wake up every morning to be on that course because I know it’s about to go next level,” he said.

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