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Inside The 1977 UFO Sightings In Broad Haven, Wales

Two alien craft sightings occurred in Broad Haven between February and April 1977. The most famous among them happened on February 4, when a total of 14 children at a local school claimed to have seen a 50-foot-long metallic spaceship shaped like a cigar flying around the perimeter of the schoolyard. Some of the children also claimed that the object landed, and silver creatures emerged and began to explore the terrain around the landing site (per WalesOnline).

The children tried to report the strange things they saw over the course of their school day, but teachers didn’t take them seriously. Instead, they asked their pupils to draw what they had seen, and each in turn drew a silver object roughly the same shape. At the time, BBC Wales Today spoke to several of the children about what they saw and asked whether it could not have been something else, like a helicopter. One child says no, reasoning that since the land beside the school is private property, no helicopter pilot would land there. In 2017, another one of the children, David Davies, spoke to the BBC about the “cigar-shaped” craft. “My sighting only lasted a couple of seconds. It popped up and then went back behind a tree,” he said.

Speaking to WalesOnline, ufologist Emyln Williams shot down some of the proposed explanations. “Because of the trees, a helicopter wouldn’t have landed there and it would have been noisy,” he said. “Some people think it could have been a military jet that landed there, but again that would have been really noisy. Farm machinery was also suggested, but again that’s unlikely because a lot of the boys were from farming backgrounds and were very familiar with that.” Indeed, the children seemed assured in their accounts and genuine in terms of how much or how little they saw. “One child can lie, but can a whole class?” Williams asked. “Over 40 years [have passed,] at least one of them might have come forward to say they made it up — but they haven’t.”

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