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Undead Unluck Episode 8 Release Date and Where To Watch

The fans are excited for Undead Unluck Episode 8 which is soon going to release. In its most recent installment, Undead Unluck once again demonstrates its weird potential while also demonstrating its capacity for great emotion. We didn’t think it would hurt so much to acquire the spoil. Fukko’s current goals involve obtaining control of the UA so that she can prove her worth by acquiring the Spoils.

Fans had hoped that the previous episode would see our protagonists finally getting the upper hand. The situation is going to linger on for a while, and our protagonists will have to dig deep if they hope to emerge victorious.

Release Date and Where To Watch Undead Unluck Episode 8

Mark your calendars for Undead Unluck Episode 8 which is all set to release on November 25, 2023, at 12 am JST.

Time Zone Date Time
Korean Standard Time November 25, 2023 12:00 a.m. (KST)
New York Time November 24, 2023 7:00 a.m. (NYT)
Indian Standard Time November 24, 2023 8:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European Time November 24, 2023 5:00 p.m. (CET)
Australian Standard Time November 25, 2023 1:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard Time November 25, 2023 12:00 a.m. (JST)

Fans with a Hulu subscription and those who use other regional streaming services will be able to watch Undead Unluck Episode 8 online, but as luck would have it, geo-restrictions may be in place.

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Previously in Episode 7

In the seventh episode of Undead Unluck, titled “Dream,” Andy and Spoil continue to battle zombies despite Andy’s best efforts to keep them at bay. While Any struggled to overcome Spoil, Fukko and Shen dug out several interesting facts, including the fact that one could postpone becoming a zombie so long as they maintained their self-confidence.

Fukko joined the fight after realizing Andy couldn’t take on Spoil alone, and she infused the zombies with bad luck in the hopes of dealing some harm to the monster through their sacrifice. The death of Andy’s wife zombie effectively ruined the couple’s marriage.

Although it appeared that these inexpensive damages were beginning to have an impact, Spoil entered his second phase, nullifying the consequences of his misfortune. Spoil’s talent saw improvement, too, as he accelerated the rotting that made Andy so difficult to fight.

Spoil exclaims to Fukko, “This is exactly the kind of dream world I want to make.” Fukko, however, explains to him that they are not in a dream and that the only thing she wants is a normal life. As a result, Shen felt comfortable enough to share his dream with him, and the program concluded with him standing up to Spoil.

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